Super Saturday Coming!

Lol Falcon, baited me to click a link in the Launcher only to find out it’s about 4 badly selling SKINs.

What’s next?
MEGA MONDAY - NES shirts for 50% off

I mean… if you call it “Super Saturday”, maybe it should be super, at least a bit and not just another weird SKIN offer.


they wont let us have custom skins cause people will put penis’s on their ships and troll idiots with it and those idiot will respond to cpp with massive amounts of support tickets claiming their feelings were hurt. I feel bad for some reason but cant put my finger on it, im sure it has nothing to do with eve but maybe cause im right, people are stupid.

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maybe a day where if everyone pays extra:

the game works

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I remain calm about Super Saturday and the Super Happy people at CCP.

Let me explain why.

Not only is the sale about an artificial shortage of time and price on less than a handful of items (items which I have zero interest in to begin with), but CCP seems to have hired the most novice marketing team one could find. Perhaps they found the marketing team at some company’s Super EXCITED Saturday Sale.

Have any of us watched reality shows like the Kardashians? Where all these depressed people sit around talking about boring things, mundane items, and say how “excited” and “exciting” they are.

CCP is late to the party at trying to tie emotion to sales. And not particularly skilled at the marriage.

How about CCP try something really exciting?

Like entwining utility, learning or information to items that they sell?

But no, it will never be. CCP is too scared, and thus, we end up with “exciting” sales like this Saturday Sale bulldust.

I spend real money on online games, I love them.

I remain calm about boring marketing.


Right on.

Actually I’m calm about it too, but I thought it is a better fit if I pretend to be all excited about this super saturday.

I dont really buy stuff that isnt mine in the end to keep anyway… seems ccp had made some statement to this effect not long ago. where I am simply renting their products. its an illusion in the first place, dont forget it. but tbh, people buy this ■■■■ and collect it, as do i… lol just not with irl money. i collect the crap i get in game from when i run a site or smething, find an officer spawn in stain, or what not… its all fun and all, but i get sick of the efforts on both parties, the consumers and the producers, who play this cycle of insanity. its the expectations that ccp has to keep coming up with stuff to keep people interested and paying to play. along with the expectation that people need to be constantly pampered, or their demand or expectations met. its just old and its not helpful to any society in the long run. its what feeds capitalism as well. its called greed, or need, desire, expectations, pretty much all the same difference.

I love eve for what it is, and dont expect ccp to make it BETER or keep me interested. the point is, if you make a solid product. the product sells itself. and all those efforts, to make it better… could other wise be used elsewhere. hell, you could have spent time with the kids and family instead. im thankful ccp made a killer game and simulator, experience, etc… its been a life changer for me! I couldnt tell you how impactful Eve has been on my life, both spiritually and logically.

I try to keep my expectations to a minimum. I just want it to work and work well, and I just want to be respected to play the game in peace. leaving ccp responsible for few of those expectations, keeping our relationship healthy and not toxic.

i hope this reflection can help someone.

The Hurricane Sebiestor Skin actually looks good, definitely looks Minmatar. And for 14 PLEX (discounted from 55 PLEX) is a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately I got that skin a long time ago before CCP implemented their ‘discontinued sale’ tactic.


I don’t see anything wrong with selling cosmetic upgrades, be it in whatever form they are, crappy, good, awesome, custom, good selling, bad selling, whatever. I just don’t have any problems with them.

On a personal note, I have bought cosmetic upgrades in other games and supported the companies even though I’m really not into the whole cosmetics thing. I know some people are. I don’t buy them here because I already pay for one account almost every month (except when I have enough to plex), quite often for 2 and rare occasion for 3, depending on what I end up doing within a given month and how much plex I have left and how quickly I need to activate a given account for use. So I don’t wanna pay even more, for stuff I am not interested in.

It occurs Saturday (party night) and it revolves around ‘four skins’ i believe there is a joke there.


The gutter is a nice place to visit with your mind, but once you get to the sewer its a whole new ball game.


I like it. 14 PLEX is a price im willing to pay for SKINs. I would buy SKINs regularly if they all cost 14 PLEX.

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