What goodies await black Friday / cyber Monday?

so any one wondering what Good deals await us. I got my Debit card ready.
I’m hoping the deals they offer this year makes me want to spend my hard earned money :smile:


If as a kid you were a big fan of paint-by-the-number drawings, but find them a bit too time consuming in your current life schedule, then you can look forward to CCP offering a set of ship skins to recreate that feeling.

It’s a safe bet there will be a sale. Seem to see it quite a bit people anxious for the Black Friday thing.



How dare you? Fulfill your consumer duty and buy yourself happy.

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I’m hoping to pick up a Galaxy Pack or two depending on the discount!

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So you think it’s not going to be only the -15% on PLEX ?

On principle I was gonna see how far I can go without buying any PLEX or a subscription but what if the deals are too good…

History shows same prices as non-holiday just with + 1 skin. Bob I hate this bs skin crap! Look at me, my ship has lightning coming out of it! No look at me, mine has fire coming out of it. I officially unsubscribe when we get dragon wings and/or dragon tails.

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Funny - I hated those Gila skins too. We’ve reached glowing weapons.

Gila SKIN that leaves a snowy and freezing wind effect behind as it flies. Also Brown Gila SKIN with glowing red nose.

We need moar Gila SKINs. :kissing_heart::ok_hand:

Honking Gila skins! We need SKINs that produce sound effects. :loud_sound:

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Well what a disappointment. Nothing good at all.
You pilots called it crap with skins.
Guess I’m getting a new TV instead

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