Cyber Monday?

Is anyone else extremely disappointed that CCP hasn’t announced any Cyber Monday deals? Especially after a lackluster (in my opinion) Black Friday sale?

Last year they did 50% off DLC packs, among other things. Would be amazing if they had the same sale this year! I would definitely buy a pack or two for another account.

Who else agrees? How can we petition? :grin:

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What’s a DLC pack?

most of stuff in steam store for eve online :wink:

No. The 15 bucks a month is not exactly breaking me.

4th race: Trigavian, Story mode missions to make you familiar with Triglavian lore, starting in its own Abyssal space, in triglavian station with prerequisite skills including precursor frigate, starting ship is Damavik, there is also triglavian language and caligraphy course with triangle cookie recipe included.

Details here


Nor me, but others may be in a different situation. It could also sway those Alpha players that are on the fence about sub’ing, which is a good thing for everyone.

In any case, they’ve done it for the past 2 (or more?) years. Why not this year?

No, ■■■■ off.

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I’m in total agreement with you. Pearl Abyss took a risk with this one…

Even a 15% off across DLC packs would have been an adequate gesture if they didn’t want to do the yearly 50% off.

Guess I’ll save my money this year.

The DLC is the same as last year and I can’t buy it again. I guess that’s disappointing, but I unsubbed after that hypernet thing. I wouldn’t have bought anything anyway.

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