Is there a Black Friday sale going on....?

I can’t really tell.

with all the launcher announcements. including one that looks like a feature update. (I love clickbait)

and the multiple rapid-fire emails.

Maybe send us in-game mail too. Wouldn’t want to miss it.


Yes, it’s in the launcher but I had to restart it to get it to display. :roll_eyes:

Oops, I actually did miss the sales tax reduction part of that post. My mistake there.

15% on selected PLEX packages - specifically the 1100, 2860, 7430 and 15,400 packs - until 11:00 UTC on 3 December!

Free SKINs with the 2860, 7430 and 15,400 PLEX packages, the Sariel’s Flame SKIN for the Dramiel, King’s Ransom Luecin and King’s Ransom Darouen SKINs for the Rattlesnake. The 15,400 PLEX pack will include the Sarpati’s Revenge - Virge SKIN for the Vindicator and the Shakim Warlord SKIN for the Ragnarok.

50% off selected SKINs in EVE Online’s New Eden Store as part of Black Friday! The sale ends at 11:00 UTC on 3 December,

Damavik Blackfire Steel SKIN
Kikimora Blackfire Steel SKIN
Vedmak Blackfire Steel SKIN
Rodiva Blackfire Steel SKIN
Zarmazd Blackfire Steel SKIN
Drekavac Blackfire Steel SKIN
Leshak Blackfire Steel SKIN
Blackfire Heavy Raider Bundle
Blackfire Raid & Repair Bundle
Succubus True Deliverance SKIN
Phantasm True Deliverance SKIN
Nightmare True Deliverance SKIN
Revenant True Deliverance SKIN
True Deliverance Bundle
Gila Abyssal Expedition Bundle
Confessor Lavacore Imperial SKIN
Apocalypse Lavacore Imperial SKIN
Apocalypse Navy Issue Lavacore Imperial SKIN
Armageddon Lavacore Imperial SKIN
Armageddon Navy Issue Lavacore Imperial SKIN
Redeemer Lavacore Imperial SKIN
Revelation Lavacore Imperial SKIN
Apostle Lavacore Imperial SKIN
Aeon Lavacore Imperial SKIN
Avatar Lavacore Imperial SKIN
Imperial Flame Bundle - 3 For 2!
Jaguar In Rust We Trust SKIN
Wolf In Rust We Trust SKIN
Sabre In Rust We Trust SKIN
Svipul In Rust We Trust SKIN
Muninn In Rust We Trust SKIN
Loki In Rust We Trust SKIN
Hurricane In Rust We Trust SKIN
Hurricane Fleet Issue In Rust We Trust SKIN
Sleipnir In Rust We Trust SKIN
Vargur In Rust We Trust SKIN
Naglfar In Rust We Trust SKIN
Hel In Rust We Trust SKIN

Black Friday Tax Haven! There will be a big reduction in sales tax on New Eden’s regional market,

based on your Accounting Skills:

Level 0: 2.5%
Level 1: 2.225%
Level 2: 1.95%
Level 3: 1.675%
Level 4: 1.4%
Level 5: 1.125%

The tax reduction starts 11:00 UTC on Friday 29 November and ends 11:00 UTC on Monday 2 December, so get trading!


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