Black Friday in EVE

We are getting closer to 2017’s Black Friday so I have to ask - any special sales in EVE? Any news? Anything? :slight_smile:

Or we will just have to wait for the actual day to come and see? CCP might want to surprise us…

Edit: Looks like I was few hours ahead of the official announcement. Not exactly what I’ve hoped for, but we should see more players soon with these Omega sales and the upcoming Alpha changes.

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It’s a grim day. Little old ventures being trampled by jump freighters, looting and can flipping, Black Friday in Jita is an even bigger mess.


Black Friday has been imported via the internet to the UK. I daresay the vendors of many countries are scrambling over one another to make up for otherwise dismal sales during the summer, and in advance of the Christmas/New Year bonanza. The earlier they get their hands on the cash/credit, the better. It could just be common greed, of course.

No one gives away anything which is making them good money, so what’s left is what you get. And there’s usually a reason it’s ‘what’s left’.

Call me cynical (just had a bad experience with a Black Friday ‘giveaway’)!


There is of course some special offers!
Visit this page for details:


Does this Black Friday package contain the usual tradable versions of MCT/extractors or are they bound to the purchasing account?

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MCT is bound, extractors are not.

But i do not see the discounted MCT that they were also advertising. It is showing up as regular price MCT for me.

They don’t appear to be the usual MCTs as they’re advertised as 90 day (which the usual are 30 day).

I expect they’re not tradable… but a followup question, @ISD_Aurvandil:

Do they both automatically activate? Definitely considering getting this on 3 accounts (expensive as shit but hey, the value is there). Only have two active toons on each account however. Activating two MCTs on each account would mean one of the MCTs is wasted.

Sure I could roll a pilot up and train it as a cyno alt or something… but that’s not desired as I already have all the cynos I need. It certainly doesn’t take 90 days to train that up.

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CCP sell me Men’s ‘Curate’ Coat (white gold)

I need for the RP :chillparrot:

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The discounted MCTs are in the New Eden Store (388 instead of 485 Plex).

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2x 90 days of Multiple Character Training

I want to know this, too. Are they automatically added to all characters or are these the redeemable items?
My MCT is running as much as I need it already, so I’d save this up for later, if I decide to buy this.

Any official info?

Again, they are not redeemable. They are automatically added to your account, and they are activated too, so my guess is that you have to have 3 characters, or this is wasted.


Thats a dissapointment.

Thanks! :heart:


CCP, I don’t have to sell the MCTs, but I can’t buy a package like this if I’m wasting a significant part of it. Just making them into something that could be activated via account management would likely provide significant increase to your sales potential.


I bought it for the ONE account that could possibly make use of this service. And i can confirm that it applied to both my alts automatically.

I wouldve preferred the MCT in redeemable format, but meh, 90 days is a lot so i guess i cant really complain.

It’s a huge amount, and the value of the deal is quite apparent. But I don’t need 3 pilots training. One is generally enough, I can use two. The third is a complete waste for me.


What happens if an account does not even have 3 toons (yet)?
Already wasting down on number 3 without any indication about that in the game client at all?
Doesnt really sound like a sale, more like a scam…

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Just made the decision, I’ll start up the last slot on each of the accounts as SP farms. It doesn’t sound healthy for the game, as I view SP farms as a problem, but hey… using MCTs each month it should be at least slightly profitable (as the account already generates the isk to plex itself) and take exactly zero effort/risk. The 90 day train gives it more than enough time to build up the requisites for SP extraction.

This would be a very profitable deal for CCP to run 3 months before they nerf the crap out of skill farming… Tinfoil time…

Still wouldn’t matter… I’ve never tried manufacturing before, but I just put together a training plan that appears to have everything I need for a reasonably indy pilot within 90 days of training (with implants along the way). That way they’ll have a purpose whether I’m braindraining them or not.

If the SP farm becomes inviable, I’ll just not MCT the slot and still have the indy.