I hate you CCP!

On the Black Friday offer I got 3 months omega for 38.38 euros and now to find out the very next day that for just 50 euros , I could have gotten more than 6 months omega under the form of a Platinum Starter Pack which is on a 50% discount now.
What can I say… Thank you for the scam ! But you can only scam your customers once …
This is worse than Jita 4-4 !

I feel your pain but you can’t be mad at CCP. Sales are unpredictable. Have you filed a Support Ticket and asked if you could exchange one for the other? The worst they can say is no. GL

I won’t bother with that … a transaction is a transaction and I have been billed. But this feels bad and somewhat unethical practice.

Get a price adjustment.

This happens frequently in retail and many places honor price adjustments within 30 days of purchase.

For example you purchase A for 149.99.

Two weeks later A went on sale with 50.00 off.

Take in your receipt to customer service and they will adjust the price to the sale price.

The worst that will happen? They say no.


Black Friday sales and CyberMonday followup sales have been a thing for years now. It’s not unethical to offer one good deal at one price, and a different good deal at a different price point.

Yes, you might have preferred one over the other but that’s the world of sales. Either ask to convert, or buy both, or mark it down as something to remember next year.

These days, people are far too quick to say “You should have given me everything good with no effort on my part!” rather than simply learn from experience and take a little effort.


Seriously ? Pff… I already gave them 38 euros.

Spot on, really.

its like steam sales
to me that is not cool because of the bad taste in the mouth like you had
instead of charging a more reasonable price
companies nowadays boost sales by using fomo structured discounts

Right, so send Support a ticket and ask them to charge you the difference and upgrade your package to the 50 euro one. They’ll be happy to have the extra money, you’ll have your pack, and you’ll have sent them a little message about what sales work best in the universal language of cash.

Support has been very helpful about these things in the past. One of the few areas I give CCP good marks in.

Complaining that they’re bad and unethical for offering a good deal rather than taking the time to send an email is just laziness.


Haven’t said it’s unethical … I said it feels like , there’s a difference. You would have felt bad too if I was to sell an item to you for 100 $ and the next day sell the same item to your friend for 50 $ .
I genuinely did not knew of such tradition that follows a Black Friday sale, I now know of it.
If they would approve and charge me the difference, that would be great, if not … it’s life … next time I know better, worst case scenario I could have gotten the regular 3 month package for 48 euros.

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So Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a Catch-22 type situation. Back in the day, most places offered their best deals on Black Friday, you saw a deal, you bought it, confident it was likely the best.

Then some marketing genius figured out there was still money on the table after that. So they started offering slightly different deals, at slightly different price points on “Cyber Monday”.

So now all us poor consumers are stuck with the dilemma, buy on Friday or wait til Monday? Or buy on Friday, and if a better deal occurs on Monday, return/exchange? So expect to see even more of this in the future because businesses don’t want just some of your hard-earned cash…

I just wish they wouldn’t limit your account to one purchase of some items.

I can’t confirm this , but according to some on Reddit, you can buy 2 of those . One from CCP store and another from Markee Dragon store.
Though looking at the page there:
** This product can be activated only once per EVE game account. If you have already purchased this product elsewhere, you won’t be able to activate it. **

So I suppose it does not stand…

Closed due request of the Op.

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