Fake sale on omega is a new low for CCP

So today I see we have a “-20% sale” on Omega…that offers no change to the price at all. This isn’t the first time they lied about a sale, either. Does CCP really think we’re this stupid? Do they think the whole Internet is Jita 4-4 so they’ll have a chance of fooling the occasional newb? Even if is just a promo for their regular multi-month pricing, It just looks bad.



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Pressing x to doubt

Screenshots or it didn’t happen.

OP, the sale page shows the regular price on the top line, with the discounted price below. At a glance, those all look like 20% off to me.


You may have been thrown off because all the “reduced” prices look a fair bit like the old ‘regular’ price, before they jacked up prices by 25%.

Or did you purchase one of them, but were charged the full regular price instead of the discount below it?

I get some error when selecting paypal but I never was asked before to put in my name and address ever before to CCP

History shows that I am still the same person…

So right now something is strange happening with account settings.

UPDATE: OK, when I got on a little bit ago the visuals had changed slightly…the banner was only advertising three months of Omega instead of a generic Omega sale. Looking at it now the prices have changed. Not sure what happened…some web cache nonsense maybe. I guess I just automatically expect the worst of CCP now :confused:

I think I deleted it but… I had a side by side shot of a small pack in the store that was raised in price 100% and then offered for sale less than a week later at “50% off” and it went from 250k SP down to 100k. So yeah… whoever is doing all that has cost them their credibility long ago imo.

I found the pic so if they want to deny it… go for it lol. I only spend a few dolllars here and there but id spend a few hundred at a time if i thought differently.

The scam here is NOT the price- but the fact that “one month omega” is actually a subscription THAT IS NOT disclosed.
I cant believe that this practice is legal.

C-kat is simply trolling to get mods to shut down the posts and they are more than happy to do so… when given the excuse.


Maybe try not to lie and you wont be called out for it.
I am talking generally here.
It has no point in calling me out when you cant prove a single simple thing and when I do ask for it you are derailing the conversation like little infants.

So no- I am not trolling.

This is actually a problem for a lot of people thinking they are buying one time deal- not a sub.
But a lot of them simply do not find out about it until long time afterwards.

Search youtube for people being quite pissed off about it.

People should just receive a ban for such kind of trolling as it is directly harming CCP business.

It says “Charges automatically every period” which tells everyone it is recurring. Also do not cut screenshots to fabricate false info. Clearly disclosing.

Screenshot 2023-06-18 163619


Saying it will be charged each month but not telling you it will be at $20 instead of the $16 it’s stating it will be.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I am ready to go to court, actually.
I already had to contact their support for giving me my money back on 2 of mine accounts. And I got that money back( thank you support for being cool).

I did not even realize this was happening until I saw the youtube video of “Hateless” guy that had this exact issue.

So, instead of taking CCP side automatically, you should do some research of your first.
Thank you.

You are right, altho it is “technically” written, it is done in such a way that one can say it is easily overlooked.

The name of the package is “x time of Omega”, so it is definite time span- but it is in actuality an infinite subscription.
That is the reason I started paying with paysafe card.

Yeah it should be advertised as “First month of your monthly sub at 20% off”.

But no one would bother to sign up for that pathetic deal so they lie.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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It has always been the case that the game time on the Eve Online website has set up an automatically recurring payment.
Only the packages in the NES were limited in time.
Also, it is a fact. that you already see during the payment process that you set up a subscription (which, by the way, you can also easily terminate at any time afterwards).
Since all questions have already been clarified in the post is then closed here.