CCP has a weird way of illustrating sales

Anyone else notice some oddities with the text of this ad versus how other companies would do it? My observations at the bottom.

  • Sale price is in smaller, less noticeable grey while regular price is in the usual bold gold, and no indication which is which.

  • Inconsistent pricing formats between regular and sale prices of the multi-month packages.

I’m starting to think that providing minimal context in communication is an Icelandic norm. It would explain so much about EVE and CCP.


For a long time now, CCP has been creating such graphically designed offers balancing on the edge of fair information about the cost of premium services in this game. They’re probably trying to cash in on people who are quicker to click and make e-payments than to read this sort of offer.

And how would other companies do it? They would probably give more shiny and shimmering embellishments, emphasising what a great value-for-money offer the player is dealing with, and that the offer is available for a limited time. Thus creating FOMO and catching the less resistant people on the hook for such marketing tricks.

You know, we don’t have it that bad with the CCP and their promotions of buying Omega time/PLEX.

The one month offer is especially amusing …

Still, they got my moneys all the way into 2025 now. Good deal.

Bold of them to assume the game will exist in 12 months…

/s… kinda.


I will probably get cancelled for this…




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