CCP does not want your money - missed Omega sub sales opportunity

Traditionally, CCP (and many other game) have some difficulty making the connection between ‘things they have to sell’ and ‘ways in which players are motivated to buy them’.

A case in point:

Yesterday (Apr.13) I received email from EVE saying that I would receive a cool pack of SOCT ships and skins, AND that there was a cool new SOCT battleship included, AND that there was a nice sale on Omega time…

Except the Omega sale ended less than 24 hours after sending me the mail, and I don’t get the SOCT pack unless I subbed a week before they sent the mail out.

Maybe I would have subbed some alts and maybe I wouldn’t… but it seems to me the time to send out emails saying “Hey, sub for a reward, it’s on sale!” is while the reward is still eligible, and the sale isn’t nearly over.

It would also help tremendously if it was communicated in an intuitive, easy-to-understand way, when the sale would end. As it stands, it is the 14th now but the sale already ended.

Yay, algorithm advertising…

–Gadget is unimpressed, CCP


Yup algorithms can really miss the mark sometimes.

“25% off of Omega until April 14th!” - email received at 15:00 CET of April 13th. :rofl:

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Yeah. WTF. I only just saw the ad today.

Yes CCP marketing is a mess, but I have a question for those of us sitting on mountains of ISKies.

Doesn’t slapping down a few PLEX for a month of gametime make you an Omega? Can’t I just PLEX a bunch of my accts for the gifts and then go back to my main only at the end of a month?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Yes you can. Hence my comment in another thread about Alphas and how much money the put in CCP’s wallet.

Well, you could do, or have done, that if you knew about it before April 7th. Or, who knows, maybe I am reading this completely wrong… Beast of Rev will happily tell you that EVE/CCP needs help communicating accurately.

So I guess the question is, does the email phrase ‘actively Omega between 7 April and 7 May’ mean you had to be subbed for the entire period between April 7 and May 7, or does it mean ‘as long as you were active Omega at any time during this period you will receive the SOCT Ship/Skin pack’?

Either way, they would almost certainly have sold more subs by putting the email out a week before the listed dates, rather than after/at the end.

Well, that’s the question, innit.

If CCP could be a little less ambiguous in their communications, there’d be a whole lot less arguing over what they actually mean in this forum.

On the other hand, if they were clear in their statements, half the fun threads over the years never would have happened. And that would be a real shame.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I got the email today … after the sale was over.
CCP has the worst marketing i have ever seen.

Why would you end a sale at the start of a weekend when most people start to play??? They really dont want our money.

Yea, so has anyone found out information on if we sub anytime between those dates, or needed to be subbed 7 Apr?

Oh well, back to Diablo.

Yes, those are the ships that are being given out for the anniversary event, aslong as you logged in and were omega within the 30 days leading up to the birthday at the start of may then you’ll get those ships then, its not restricted to that sale

There are a lot of missed sales opportunities with CCP, but after the hemoraging of senior staff over the past year we shouldn’t really be that surprised. All you had to do was view some of the panels from FanFest to get the vibe that all is not well in New Eden.

Technically they were right about this opportunity, but for a very short time. Classic CCP marketing! :psyccp:

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