CCP needs to understand sales better!

Anyone else frustrated that CCP keeps putting their sales right before people get paid in Europe?

25th and 26th are by far the most common days where people on a monthly salary in Europe gets paid. Why the hell does CCP keep putting their sales up when PEOPLE DONT HAVE MONEY?

Are you that blind and ignorant to basic marketing? I have had several people say that they are frustrated that first there was a Plex sale right before salaries, and then now an Omega sale that ends right before payday.

Seriously CCP? Who did you hire to do your marketing? This is basic stuff. GREAT idea to have sales right before paydays during a big economic and cost of living crisis, because people absolutely have money left at the end of the month to spend on your game.

Wow. Rant over.


More countries than europe


A rather absurd rant. If you can’t afford something at the end of the month, surely you equally can’t afford it at the beginning either, as by your own definition you’d be spending money you can’t afford to spend…whenever you spend it.


How is it absurd? People spend money on things they can’t really afford on a regular basis, usually right after pay. I am saying that CCP is missing an opportunity here.

Some people may be on a tight budget but can still buy a little bit of plex.

It’s dumb to put sales people want, right before payday rather than after.

I have a gaming budget of around 100-120 GBP per month, I would probably have made a decision to spend more of that gaming budget on the Plex sale for example, rather than go and buy Baldurs gate 3, like I did.

1: Learn to save for luxuries. A video game is the very definition of a luxury item.
2: Learn that most of CCP’s customers don’t reside in Europe.
3: Learn that Europe isn’t the center of the Universe.

Do these three steps and you’ll have a much happier life.


Really helpful bud, thanks.

Seriously, their sales in America come out on Wednesday.

No one in America gets paid on Wednesday, but do you see us whining about that?

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Yes I have heard US people complain about the same thing as me. So your point is, if we are unhappy about something we should just not bother speaking up about it. Great suggestion.

If you have $2000 to spend every month and nothing left at the end of that…what difference does it make whether you spend $60 on some game at the beginning or the end of that month ? If you can’t afford the $60 at the end of the month, you equally could not afford it at the start…as you’d simply be foregoing $60 worth of something else by the end of the month.


I don’t have 2000 to spend monthly, wish I did.

To answer your question, I had to set a hard limit on my budget and not go over it, it’s similar to gambling addiction where it sort of takes over my sense of reason. To protect myself I have this hard limit, which I reached before this sale came out.

Everyone is different, stop generalizing so much.

I live in a camper parked on the side of the road in an urban industrial area.

I still manage to save money for luxuries, but I don’t whine when I miss a sale.

After decades of research by some the most notable scientists in the various astronomy disciplines, it was found that Europe is, in fact, the exact center of the universe.

And to think all this time people thought it was America.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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When the Euro becomes a global currency, then we can talk. No international business outside the EU is done in Euros.

This is oddly specific and I feel like OP took this personally…

Why are we making this a mountain out of a nothing burger?

Why does this thread even exist?

What benefit does this have to the actual day-to-day gameplay of EVE online?

PS: if you live paycheck-to-paycheck you should not be playing a game like EVE.

None, this is General Discussion, and here for general discussions.

P.S. I live the way I do specifically because I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck. Will never stop me from using it to make certain points. :innocent:

Discussions over something noone noticed or cared about till just now.

Again… Mountain out of a molehill. What a big nothing burger here.

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It may have the benefit of highlighting to CCP that some players think their marketing could be done better. I am asking originally if I am the only one that feels this way, then it just derailed instantly.

uh huh… And the average joe who works a job comes down to unwind with space pixels should care about the innerworkings of a corporation?

Marketing is intended to target the largest possible audience. Everyone in marketing knows that there are segments of the population they don’t reach. Again, this is normal in marketing.

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Of course they should care if they feel it concerns them? What? Are you OK?