(Yes, this is capslock. CCP also uses capslock, so why shouldn’t I?)

I am a paying customer. Please don’t send me ads or special offers like I’m a peasant. At least, allow me to opt out (or opt in, but I guess your marketing geniuses already know that nobody would opt in if they had to…).


Also, your “personalization” algorithm is full of ■■■■. Why would I want a discount on 3 months of Omega when I pay yearly?



I don’t really mind the pop-ups, they’re not that frequent.

What doesn’t impress me is, the offers aren’t “personalized”: all my characters on different accounts tend to get the same one around the same time.

The other thing is, even to just look at the offer, I have to open an external website, log in, two-factor authenticate, and then check the offers page.

CCP seems to think I’ve been well trained to jump through as many hoops as they care to put in the way of partaking in EVE.

The actual result is - I’ve just been conditioned to ignore everything CCP sends me.


you can turn off “Special Offers” under notification settings


Nice, I didn’t even think of looking there.

First time I thought ‘Great’ and followed through with the clicking which then opened up my browser while I was undocked, definitely not a good idea to do that when undocked…

As for the ‘Special Offer’, there wasn’t anything really special about it. Gotta say I don’t really like how CCP keeps doing this hard sell. I mean it’s everywhere, on the Launcher, in-game notifications, e-mails, etc. Sometimes I think they’re desperately trying to keep the company from going belly up. Course then I immediately remember their ole credo = ‘Greed Is Good’.

Anyway, what I’ve been doing lately whenever it shows up is just click the notification and then close the pop-up. Now thanks to your post I’ll definitely check my ‘Notification’ settings…

Another thx for the tip; I didn’t think of looking for a way to turn this nag popup off, because “why would the business side of CCP permit it?” We can’t turn off NES link buttons which have multiplied in the UI, even in the Neocom, which lets us move or turn off most of its shortcut buttons.


I sort of have EveOnline on the back burner and it might be like this for awhile as I try to start some RP but the time between actual and setup is a hurdle as it is like I had lost my mojo.

You liked my post. Anyone who’s post is “liked” in this thread, gets a website notification that YOU HAVE SPECIAL OFFERS AVAILABLE. :rofl:

even better! For me, on Linux, when I click the notification, it creates a popup. When I click the button on that popup to “go to personalized offers” the popup disappears and then nothing happens. Good job CCP!

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