I have personalized special offers

What a stunning variety of offers!


I know, right? God bless the brainiacs coding CCP offers.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


It sure is special.

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Even more fun to be had when you play 4 different accounts in a day, and they all get the exact same set of “personalized offers”.

There must be a pretty big disconnect at CCP between the people who think up marketing concepts to try out, the people who code/implement them, and the rest of CCP.

Or at least, I hope there is. Because I’d hate to think someone who came up with these ideas as presented is actually still employable.


Skillpoint resurgence is an interesting offer.

Is that like taking away the need to trade/buy from the market for returning Capsuleers?

Wouldn’t the current Capsuleer who wants to sell their skill point to returning Capsuleers be pushed out of the picture if offers such as these are repeated?

I’m just annoyed they send Emails to my Alt Account and not my main (Same Email)

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Yeah, that constantly happens to me, I told Customer Support about it and they said it would be fixed. That was back in December 2022 and my alt account is still getting the Emails.

But they didn’t say when. :smirk:


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CCP’s idea for every ‘personalized special offer’…

YOU, yes YOU!, have the opportunity to give us money for a literal make-believe product. Yep. It’s fake, not real… 100% imaginary 1s and 0s. And YOU have the unique opportunity to pay for access to those fake bits and bytes for completely arbitrary and meaningless amounts of real world money. Whaddya say, pal?? Sign here…

…but wait, there’s more! Give us even more of your money and we’ll include fake currency for you to spend in Unicorn Land!

Personalized offer just for you.
– CCP merchant agent in Jita 4-4


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