What's special about a special offer

I’m an unexcitable pod person.

I noticed that CCP has a special offer on the launcher…

CCP say they are happy to offer this special. Suggesting that those experiencing summer might want to pick up some Omega subscription time. Which would preclude those of us in Australia enjoying a dry and cold winter, but it’s easy for marketing departments to forget that the whole world doesn’t live in the USA sometimes.

The offer is 15% for 3 months, available until 26 June (probably USA time).

This offer doesn’t tempt me. It may be one of the best offers in the virtual universe, but I wonder sometimes if offers like this are worth it. If you don’t generate much interest then the word “special” becomes invisible to players. Which is the opposite intent of having something be special.

Me, I don’t really like paying full tote odds. I especially don’t like paying US prices for EVE with Australian dollars, it’s a horrendous markup.

Which is why I like specials, real ones, it gets the price of EVE down to a competitive level with other games. In Australia anyhow.

I’d like specials to be 50% or in that area, with bonuses for long term purchases or other packages like Galaxy or others (except SKINS, I have zero interest in them). I’d probably pay for a little space hut somewhere with real dollars too, something between an Orca and a Astrahus.

That would make me feel special, and I would go get my wallet more often.


You can, sometimes, on their Ebay store, get 50% offers… i got one and took 3 galaxy packs at 80% for my accounts… pretty sure it was their official store ^^

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I don’t ever use Ebay, or PayPal or Steam, so I miss those opportunities. I prefer dealing directly with the game makers.

Me neither, but 80% on 100bucks… com’on ^.^


Which is good for you, but it would be easy for other players to feel like they missed out.

That they should put off spending real money on EVE until they get a repeat of that good offer.

I know I feel that way, so I guess other customers would too.

Out of mere curiosity, what does “26th of June” translate to in Australian time?


We are typically 12 hours ahead of US time, given that we are both covering about 3 timezones. At New Year’s you will see the Sydney Harbour fireworks before US celebrations, because we got to the next year first.

Aha. I was under the impression after reading the OP and his complaint how it’s winter in Australia that perhaps June on the Northern Hemisphere now translates into November on the Southern Hemisphere. :wink:

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Ah now, well maybe we are six months and 12 hours ahead, but yes because of axis tilt and hemispheres etc. we are in the winter that is coming for you, you in your fat soft summer, safe from the ravages of the White Walkers.

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Oh butt hurt?

CCP is an Iceland company.


Sometimes I wonder about the range of understanding between metaphorical and literal depths. Sometimes I can tell where someone comes from by that depth of understanding.

Only around 10% of the Earth’s human population lives in the southern hemisphere while around 90% lives in the northern hemisphere.

So for 90% of humans, it is currently summer.

This shows how many here on the Northern Hemisphere still believe in the Earth being flat, and how many on the Southern Hemisphere fell down.


Yeah, not really exiting…

Is the Australian Winter harsh?


It does seem that “almost 90%” includes quite some margin of error. In other news, the majority of the population in in the Eastern Hemisphere, which includes Australia. :grinning:

The offer is 15% for 3 months, available until 26 June (probably USA time).

Actually, since the offer is through CCP’s website, it most likely UTC±00:00. (In game deals are usually patched out at downtime, but this is out of game).

Sorry you are offended that a company based in the northern hemisphere offended you by naming a seasonal sale something that contradicted your local experience.

It still seems a decent sale, giving you a very close effective monthly rate to what you would otherwise have to subscribe for an entire year to obtain.


Maybe not harsh but definitely “bitter”…:turtle:

Being the worlds only super power has its advantages.

So let me get this straight…

You made this thread just to complain b/c Australia isn’t the center of the universe.

And when folks suggested you go use other sources to get discounts, you said that you don’t believe in online shopping unless it’s absolutely direct from the manufacturer.

You must be fun at parties. So long as those parties can be stocked with hot dogs straight from Oscar Meyer themselves, and drinking Pepsi you got directly from the hands of Mr. Pepsi himself, since you’re not allowed to go to the grocery store.


As a proud Aussie let me clear some things up

1 we are from the future but it’s against our creed to alert you Americans about future events. Sorry

2 we don’t have winter. Or autumn or spring for that matter. We have Hot Summer and Not As Hot Summer.

3 we are a Coke only nation. We don’t drink Pepsi

While I have you all I’d like to clear up some other misconceptions

There is actually only one dangerous animal in Australia. We train the rest to exclusively attack tourists to make us seem more exotic. The stingray’s rebelled so we are in the process of dealing with that issue.

It we went to the northern hemisphere we wouldn’t walk on our hands that’s just silly… We would walk on your ceilings to prevent falling off the surface of the earth.

Finally we don’t throw shrimp on the barbie. We use Prawns that are vastly superior to your shitty shrimp in both taste and size. Barbie is correct though you can say that

In closing I’ll leave you with our national greeting

‘Good to see you ■■■■’ or ‘■■■■ off you right ■■■■’