25% off on Omega?

There must be a language barrier or culture barrier or something. To me, “sale running until downtime of the 14th” means I have until the end of the day today to buy. So I logged in to do that, only to see no discount whatsoever. Did I miss it? To Icelanders, “downtime of the 14th” means the 14th isn’t included?

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Today is the 14th, Downtime was ~5 hours ago, happens at 10:00 11:00 eve time every day. so the sale should have ended then.

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Marketing should really work on improving the communication or coordination or understanding of these things. From my perspective, ‘downtime of the 14th’ should mean that I have all day of the 14th (right now is the 14th according to Eve date/time) to get the discount. Then the downtime should have occurred.

A further thing that makes this whole exercise counter-intuitive is that a ‘downtime,’ intuitively-speaking, should come at the end of something. So I would think that we would have the 14th (today), and then a downtime at the end, and then the sale is over. But from what you are suggesting, the downtime kicked off the 14th, the sale ended, yet the 14th marched on without a sale. This is patently counter-intuitive and retarded.

Guess I’ll just go alpha until the next sale.


I grabbed a yearly sub. Was also almost too late!

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There is only one ‘downtime of the 14th’. That is the downtime that occurs on the morning of the 14th. Your assumption of ‘all day of the 14th to buy’ would actually only occur if the statement said ‘downtime of the 15th’. At which point you would of course say ‘but then I should have all day of the 15th to buy’.

Given your stated method, there is no way to specify an actual end date.

Always best to check your assumptions before waiting to the last minute to take advantage of an offer.

You don’t need to check assumptions if things work intuitively. I know what intuitive is and what intuitive isn’t. This isn’t intuitive. Period. I can guarantee you this has ‘bit’ many other people in the past, until they learned what CCP means by these things.


Reference link just in case:

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I feel for you, Beast.

My poor daughter has a problem with procrastination as well. And she always blames her problem on whatever it was she didn’t do on time, of course.

Are you a millennial by any chance? Or just an old school bundle of wound up entitlement?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


You know nothing of me, moron (see, I can do stupid personal attacks too). No, I’m not a millennial - I’m far older than that, and I have little in common with them. Are you a millennial?

Just because someone thinks X is unintuitive, and points out that X could be improved or communicated in a better way, doesn’t mean that person is a millennial, nor does it mean that person feels in any way entitled to anything.

You are obviously one of those people who thinks all things in the world are perfect the way they are now, and nobody should ever point out anything. If so, then this game was perfect the day it came out, and never required any iterations or improvements ever.

Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Downtime on April 14th = 11:00 UTC on April 14th. Don´t know where the problem is, it´s perfectly intuitive. Every player should know the exact time in his own time zone when the server restart happens. Changing that would not change anything, if you are misinterpreting the information you get it doesn´t matter when it ends, it will always be too late.

You made a mistake (it happens, we´re all humans), no need for a forum thread and imo even less so for CCP to change anything.


After reading a few of your posts, I’d disagree.
Also, what downtime means in the context of EVE is fairly obvious to pretty much everyone playing it.
Takes a special someone to think that downtime means end of the day. Not only doesn’t that make any sense in general, it doesn’t make any sense in the context of the game either.

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TBH we can see ‘the facts are there’, but on the other hand it never hurts a business to be absolutely clear and unambiguous in their communications. Particularly when things such as ‘money flowing towards CCP’ is involved, every bit helps.

Simply making it policy to phrase all dates something like “ends at downtime April 14th (11 am UTC, EVE server time)” would help trigger people to not make easy assumptions.


This is horrible. If CCP meant for the sell to end at downtime on the 14 they should have put that in the advertisement for the sell. In my time zone the reset is 2 am.

If you look at the in game calendar it is still the 14 in Eve.

I personally am really upset that the sell is not going on as i planned to buy it this morning when I got up.

copy that, Thanks will go edit my post. That’s 6 or 7 am local time depending on DST, I haven’t been on eve at that hour in a pretty long time.

They used to say on sale till x date, and a lot of people got upset when they went to buy on “x date” and the sale was over as it ended it on x-1 day at 23:59 server time.

At downtime on x date is a very specific time. and Downtime should hopefully be well understood by eve players.

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You are apparently a millennial, an entitled person, a ‘special someone’ (as it takes a special someone to think blah blah…), or any number of other things. Fortunately for CCP, there’s only two of us I guess. I doubt CCP lost any more sales due to this - just ours.

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No I am not but if a sell goes on the 12-14 it should not include 2 hours of the 14.

Yeah. Who knew?

Sorry, but complaining about your misunderstanding is pitiful.

The sale said it was over at downtime on the 14th which is why I paid on the 13th. Downtime is at 6 am my time and if I’d waited till in the morning it would have been over.

It was your mistake not theirs. If you’d learn from your mistakes instead of blaming others this kind of thing would probably happen to you less.

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well DT is at 11, so it included 11 hours of the 14th.

It’s dumb to include any aspect of the fracking downtime at all.