CCP Bring Back Discounted 3 Months Omega + MCT

Just like title says, I only had like 3 days to respond to the deal for some reason and didn’t have the money to take advantage of the offer. Why not give us some time to respond? Bring it back please before the year end so you can improve your end of year financials and I can save some money for Christmas. Don’t be a miser.

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They seem to be bringing it back every 3 months. If you missed it, wait some months.

3 days to respond to a sale seems like more than enough time to respond to me.

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Are you a CCP alt? Who are you to determine how long a sale should run. I don’t even check my gaming email that often. Get a life.

It’s a sale, because if it was sold for that price at all times it would be the regular price.

You missed the sale and can either wait for next sale or buy it now for the regular price.

What is the issue?


This escalated very quickly lol


As Gerard said, they’ve been bringing it back about every 3.5 months or so. Thus, I suggest putting aside 50 bucks, because there’s a good chance that we’ll get another one in January.

They might also have a black Friday/Cyber Monday deal of some kind. So, you might want to save a couple bucks for that as well.


i think the issue is…

He didnt have the money at the time and would like to see the sale again.

…and you’re a dick

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