Black Friday and lack of

Sales for the shopping Holiday in the US… Omega is discounted but that’s it… no skins / no skill extractors 2for1 from the week prior… lets step it up sales team.

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Seems like CCP used to have more Omega and pack sales years ago. Now only 1-2x a year.


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I had received the 7 day free Omega last weekend and very satisfied with the quality of the services we have access to within New Eden.

Remember the sale currently in the store is to welcome new Capsuleers who could come to appreciate the rewards that Eve Online offers through out the year to come.

You seem to assume that Black Friday is some sort of international holiday. The more that you play an international game the more you come to appreciate that not all things are celebrated everywhere.

I would like a Boxing Day sale. Someone else might want Diwali fireworks. But that sort of thing is mainly left to the Marketing folks within CCP. I would assume, given that this is an online game, that Cyber Monday would carry more weight than Black Friday but that is just me.

Sales are nice but try not to be too set in one country when it comes to international expectations.



It’s not like the marketing team has a history of producing W’s. This is a missed opportunity regardless of how you try to spin it.


Mike Azariah has a point. Despite past precedents of lovely deals during this time of year, and the international reach that the game has, CCP really has no obligation to conform to what is at the end of the day an American custom. It has been adapted by others, true, a visit around many parts of Latin America, especially the ones close in influence to the USA, have adopted the Black Friday tradition. Yet I see not why the Icelanders that compose a good chunk of CCP should have to.

And I say this hoping for a juicier deal like in past years, hehehe.

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^^ that ^^ :grinning:


A pricing consultant firm Simon-Kucher & Partners says that 77 percent of people residing in countries outside the U.S. participate in Black Friday shopping sales, compared with 89 percent of U.S. residents. This data is courtesy of their recent Holiday Shopping Study, which polled 20,500 consumers in 23 countries.


In my country, Black Friday is not allowed.

While true it has spread a little. Amazon Japan is having Black Friday sales. Worked out for me. My son’s gaming chair broke.

So….Xmas comes early and a bit cheaper. I’ll take that.

Japan has borrowed a few holidays lol. I can get more Xmas decoration at some Japanese places more than on base lol.

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We just has a week of free omega, so I wasn’t expecting any deals now. Soon we’ll have the Winter Nexus, which seems a good opportunity for new deals.

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