The F2P battleships were a nice gesture but I'm not coming back unless

You put in 24 hour premium time blocks.

Like other F2P games like World of Warships and Warthunder.

Heck, it doesn’t even have to be full on Omega with passive income, training time, and even the top tier ships like Titans.

Maybe every so often I get the hankering to fly a Covops or an Orca for a weekend, but then I’m like… Nah. Buying 30 days of game time I’m not going to use seems pointless as I might as well just use the money instead to upgrade my computer so I can just play Star Citizen 3.0 at a reasonable frame rate where I will never have to sub ever to fly the ships I already have…

Call it Beta access or something. Just allow ships between Battleships and Carriers (or whatever limit you want to keep Titan pilot abuse from happening). No training time, no PI, no research or manufacturing. If I wanted that I’d buy a plex anyways and I’m not doing that because I don’t find those things fun.

I just want to fly a Covops or an Orca. Hell… Maybe I’d be fine with a procurer or retriever. Also you can make these time blocks 1.5x or 2x less cost efficient than buying a 30 day time block and I’d still buy it.

I just don’t feel like paying for time I’m not using.

Alternatively. If you don’t want 24 hour blocks. Then sell 30 day time actually played for double the price!

I buy 360 hours. Then I get 360 of time actually played. So if I only play 10 hours this month. I got 350 hours next month. Otherwise, I’m just going to use my sub money to upgrade my computer and play a game that doesn’t make me feel like I’m wasting the time I paid for.

I mean I could see myself grinding Level 4 missions but I already did that for 10 years. shrugs

PS I’d be fine paying for this with real money and not in game like regular plex. I just want to fly these ships. Not manufacture. Trade or do PI.

Calm down Kim Jung Un.


What dollar amount per hour do you consider a fair price for a video game?

Definitely upgrade that computer of yours! :green_salad:

that is the worst f2p model… just saying, that would make the time super expensive

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If you can’t PI or industry in that time, sure. But then the clone states start to look messy.

An entire year’s worth of EVE subscription wouldn’t even buy a halfway decent processor or video card. So, yeah, go ahead and see how many computer upgrades you can get for $15 a month. As far as Star Citizen goes, it’s still in Alpha go-fund-me cash cow mode and likely will never be released…


I don’t get what you’re on about.
When I saw f2p was expanding to include Tech II small and med weapons and all Tech I subcaps, I fell out of my chair!
I’m taking a year hiatus from skill training and isk making to actually learn to play this game.
Thank you, CCP!

No wonder you get bored every two days if you’re a miner.

The same applies here.

Maybe try doing something actually fun instead?


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