Granular PLEX? Granular Sub?

As it stands 500 nuPLEX purchases 30 days of game time, that’s 86 minutes (1:26) of game time per nuPLEX. I’m asking for omega status to be available to purchase in chunks of 1/6 hours. Obviously this will follow the standard model of reduced returns the smaller you commit.
1 hour is 1 nuPLEX (or 3 nuPLEX for 2 hours making it double a normal sub.)
6 Hours=5 nuPLEX (adjust as you like for the above)
Any way you like it really.
I’m asking because I find myself away from the game for periods of 3-4 days or sometimes a week at a time. That and the content I interact with isn’t available for a few days sometimes so I have no reason to have omega to log in, check, then log off. This can amount to a lot of time I’m not using omega.

Anyone wanting to keep their skill queue running can still of course purchase subs at the current rates.

This is too easily abused by alts in ships such as titans. sub for 10 hours for one big fight. Don’t sub till next needed.

Forum searching this would have been good. Not the first time suggested and not the first time shot down.


“Abused.” How? They still have to train all the skills required.

Big titan fleets and their cyno alts are only needed once or twice a year.

Many Titan pilots only sub when they know a big fight is coming, other than that they spend most of the year unsubbed.

When they do sub, they have to do it for a month at least. With your idea it means they only have to do it for a day or maybe even less. This means less money for ccp. There are other cases as well like yourself, where players only play once a week or whatever.

The idea has come up before. The answer will always be no for the above reason. Think about why you want this idea and then ask yourself honestly: why would ccp change how plex works so that people give them less money?

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The only way this kinda works is with a massive sliding scale, for example:
30 days = 500 PLEX
15 days = 375 PLEX
10 days = 275 PLEX
5 days = 200 PLEX

…but ya, it probably isn’t a great idea…

CCP has already said they will not do this.

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Two can play this game.

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That’s disappointing.

I don’t think I’ve been shot down, I think I’ve been given the alleged official response of no without any explanation why.

The reason is because it hurts CCPs income.

Staying alpha hurts more.

Look at it like this, you have an internet connection, you are charged Monthly for this service, not based on 1 hour segments. The reason for this is partly efficiency and partly money. The efficiency part is not turning your acount on and of 10 times a day multiplied by the number of acounts that do the same. The othet part is if PLEX is worth x and now you change it so more PLEX = less time it could effect the price of it.

Players are already doing this, they just keep their char plexed and training, then remove sp and sell it and end up neutral at the end if you dont care about your sp then just sell it at the end to pay for more game time.

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It was my ISP that gave me the idea.

Hot spot access is like renting a car rather then buying.

You’ve got to be shittingme…
Kids these days… “alleged official response”, “no explanation why”. Wow. What an attitude. Though I can see why you’d think this way when you’re still a newbie who doesn’t understand anything.

Kid, you can literally Google this “alleged official response”.

You can also take an educated guess as to why ccp won’t do this because it’s real obvious to anyone who matters that it would open up the potential for abuse.

The only reason for 500 plex is to increase its accessibility to players of all types. This is instead of forcing them to hoard billions of isk to buy a single item for their 30 day subscription.

Now they can buy, ~17 plex per day, a little over 100m isk, and feel like they are making progress towards getting enough plex for a subscription in 30 days.

Terrible idea.

Get a job.


Article says they are splitting plex into 500 pieces, nothing about reasons not to split game time into 500 pieces too.

Uh huh.

I’m an accountant, I’m always looking for ways to save money…

I’m not with you at all, I’m paying for access to a service, I’m just asking to access that service in smaller chunks.