Use of PLEX

My guess and this is only a guess, CCP is waiting to see what happens when the Alpha clones are updated during the winter expansion. If there is demand after that change, this may be implemented.

Also, there may be economic reasons not to do this. Currently, a month of PLEX is expensive. If we see a change, where you could buy say a 1/2 a month of training, we may see a huge demand on PLEX, increasing the price. If CCP does not see that as desirable, they may not enable purchase of smaller training blocks.

Lastly, there may be other issues related to what defines Omega… Think of this… If i could buy an hour of omega time on say a fully trained titan pilot, I would only pay when needed instead of a constant sum to CCP. This would hurt their bottom line and could cause all sorts of problems.

The army of alt on alpha account ready to do an Omega only action would be stupid. CCP likely don’t want your cyno alt to be an alpha and only pay for 86 minutes of game play to have access to the full Omega power at the drop of a hat.

There are many problems with selling shorter periods of Omega, so much so it will happen any time soon. Special purpose alts aside, much of the industrial side of the game has been balanced around being a permanent Omega and letting players hop in and out of that status opens a whole host of problems.

That said, CCP will almost certainly begin to sell Alpha training for PLEX at some point. I see no reason why 125 PLEX (or whatever) can’t buy you 7 days of Omega-speed, above 5M SP skill training. It would be cheaper than skill injectors, and allow for Alphas to pay to increase their skills in smaller increments that the full 500 PLEX for Omega sized chunks.

They also make various limits for the ALPHA pilots. That’s if they add a few more.
For example
Prohibition of use for
Jump portal genorator
Cynosural field genorator
And add Prohibition use of Capital ships for those who use " short-term " small quantities of PLEX
Everything will be OK.

It would also have to be a prohibition vs short term Indy use as well. Otherwise I could sub my Indy character for an hour, setup 10 manufacturing jobs, 10 reactions, and 10 research jobs, let the sub lapse, cone back in a month to repeat the process.

I think it would have to be more along the lines of … Omega activities require a minimum month activation and smaller batches would only be for training beyond the free 5 million sp.

Yes I agree with Black_Pedro price is cheaper than skill injector. But anyway everyone who use Skil injector still will gonna use it. And PLEX will be in demand as always.
I wish to add pilots who have more than one account are able to gain inaf ISK for 500 PLEX in half of day .
But new ALPHA pilots will get better opportunity to feel fool power of EVE at least for weekend or shorter time.

I can do the same wait until my OMEGA will be all most at the end activate sam quantity of different manufacturer jobs and forgot about that for all month in ALPHA status.
OMEGA status ends and all omega bonuses to factory or other jobs to .
YOU now ALPHA live with it until you not activate 1 for 86min. 15sec… or 500 for months PLEX

But I am saying that is not how the game works right now. If you lapse, your jobs are still active. So to implement your idea would require more programming. The more programming required, the longer it takes to become a reality.

And given that some jobs can take up to a year, unless this is fixed or adjusted, it could be heavily abused.

Idea that needs many exceptions right off the bat are rarely all that good. It’s complicated for not much gains.

Every job take time a day - months - year
I am totally OK with that I a patient man. If they will consider my ideas and say this is possible to do in not far future I just will be glad.

Yes many changes sam exception. I dont play from 2003 and game was not perfect in first day when it was born . If CCP thinking my ideas is worth of Sh… they have to give me a note and I just forget about it.

Thanks for your time to my topic

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