What Does Plex Do?

So I bought the $9 deal from CCP for newbies like myself, and I have 60 plex. What can I do with them?

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500 plex pays one month of omega time ( its like the monthly payment of eve )
few than 500 you can use on the cosmetic store to buy skins and other items

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You can also sell them on the market for isk.

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Can sell on the market for isk - check best price, probably in Perimeter but some odd low-volume/ good price offers appear in Jita too.
450(?) is for multiple character training certificate- same account 2 omega characters

You can gift them to other players i believe, i suggest myself if you feel the need to get rid of them.

Well yes. Basically once they become an in game item you can do pretty much anything you want with them like any in game item (including putting in your cargo and getting blown up). They just have the added advantage of putting in a special “vault” for extra safety.

PLEX is gold or premium currency in other games, so whatever you can do with premium currency you can do in EVE. Shop in the premium (NES) shop, pay for a premium membership (Omega), convert to standard currency (ISK) etc, the concepts are the same, only the vocabulary change.

The biggest difference is that you can directly buy PLEX with ISK (standard currency that you make) in EVE in-game, while in most other games premium currency can only be bought with real life $.


Just wanted to add that PLEX = Pilot’s License EXtension - was originally a single item that could be bought with real money and then traded to CCP = Crowd Control Productions - for 30 days subscription or be sold on the Market for ISK = InterStellar Kredits.

CCP split up the single PLEX item into multiple units to encourage the purchase of items from the NES = New Eden Store - and changed the subscription amount of PLEX to 500 units.


You can tank your ship with it. :wink:



PLEX makes hair grow in the palms of your hands, and with extended use makes you blind.

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