Why do people hate PLEXing? I am a student and would rather not pay money for a subscription. I got into eve online through YouTube and found out about paying for omega with isk. But it seems like the community have their own thoughts about PLEXing. I get that people would be mad if some people paid and others didn’t. But wouldn’t be fair for people who want to pay and enjoy the game without grinding too much to do so and for people who don’t want to pay and don’t mind the grind to also do so? So what is it about PLEXing that get people so frustrated?

I’ve never heard anyone hate that you can use in-game ISK for sub time via other peoples’ wallets. They’re probably trying to warn new players that grinding as a new player (especially as an alpha) for the 500 PLEX you need for omega really sucks.


If you buy 500 plex from the CCP store it costs more money than buying 30 days subscription time
If you buy 500 plex from the in game market, it takes ~30 hours of grinding to generate the ISK to pay, where you could do a few hours of overtime at your real job and bypass the grind

If you ‘just want to do an activity’ as an industrialist then you have to compete against the people who use their credit card to buy plex and tank the value of everything because its subsidized by external income, making it unprofitable to engage in by the ‘normies’.

Removing plex removes the ‘pay to win’ that a credit card buys.


This exactly. A new player in a venture is looking at over 60 hours mining ice to get ISK for 500 plex. Might as well wear a sign saying “punch me in the nuts, $10”

I actually could plex my accounts if I wanted to, but it’s way less effort to grab a 2-for-1 extractor deal, trade those for PLEX, wait for an Omega sale in the NES, and buy 4 years of sub time for $160.

I’ve just started playing almost two days ago. And didn’t try any of the plex grind yet. From what I understood from the internet it gets easier to get isk once your omega so maintaining an omega account gets easier doesn’t it? So there will be no need for 60 hours of grind or that’s what I got.

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There is a lot to do and explore before I would feel the need to plex or buy it. The free play gets you to battleships. At current market prices and as a new-ish returning player I don’t really feel like grinding weeks to risk anything more than a destroyer. If ships are to be thought of as expendable ammo-like items the analogy falls short in the face of the difference in price.
I didn’t play for long last year. Didn’t have much time. But I did have opportunities to read on the game and understand it more. I don’t mind what other players do though. Plex it or buy plex, I don’t see advantages for my character right now. Not until I get used to the game in general. PvP is new to me. I know I have to die a lot. That’s fine. Though I don’t feel like paying for it in time and money until I know I have learned enough to use what I would pay for.

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It will go from about 60 hours to around 30, maybe 20 if you get lucky in a null region. If you are not a person who likes a potential hostile at every turn, high security space incursions is decent income that still has some social aspect to it.

That is not the reason why people hate PLEXing their accounts.

If you are an established player who has played for years and years, there is nothing wrong with PLEXing your account.

The problem is, new players. They come, they see that they can play this game fully without having to pay a cent, and they try to grind their way to plexing. This turns EVE into a job. And no one enjoys working.

This is why players hate it when they hear you want to PLEX your account subscription, because it tricks new players into thinking they can plex when they shouldnt. The game is infinitely more enjoyable as a game and not as a second job.


Because mining is really relaxing even for a new pilot.

@Aiko_Danuja just FYI:


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Miners in High Sec

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Totally agree.

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Grinding for PLEX takes every ounce of joy out of the game.

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True and only do the fun stuff in New Eden to reach that 1 plex farm

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