For the isk risked and visibility through all meta crap in-game and out, please get rid of or make CEQ’s regenerate faster.

I have played this game since 2008, and had my isk making activities NERFED many many many times. I don’t like LOGGING OUT and WAITING for something to regenerate.

SO WHAT if I want to run them over and over. I’m in space being the best most expensive bait I can be.

It’s s shame you nerfed titan ratting, having 5 titans in a -6 or better truesec system distracted griping at each other for rock havens while bombers lurked around. Wow that was a lot of isk in space ALL THE TIME. Thanks Olmeca Feld, I mean Kenneth Gold, I mean …

Its not Pochven money, so don’t hamstring it. It’s not like making 230 mill ticks in Pochven Obervatory Flashpoints or salvaging 500mill a day in NPC killed loot
around gates and suns.

Ib4 grr gons, nullsec blah blah blah

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You don’t have to log out and wait, you can do something else in stations or space.

Perhaps don’t be a one trick pony.

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I would have thought the playing since 2008 inferred that I have done it all and would rather do this

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It’s not 2008 any more.

Buy PLEX if you need to top up ISK.

I already spend $300 a year on this game I don’t need to spend anymore on it

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Wait then.

Sure I can wait and maybe check out another game or actually live in the real world would be a shame that something caught my attention elsewhere and I left.

Waiting is not engaging gameplay

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So you’re a digital crisis actor and one trick pony.

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It’s funny that you still haven’t been able to process that playing since 2008 I have done everything so how does that constitute a one-trick pony

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I guess you won Eve then. Congrats.

Eve is forever and I plan on playing it for that long I have been playing a mmo since Ultima Online eve was going to be my last mmo and I was going to play it until I couldn’t play on a computer anymore and it’s getting harder every patch cycle

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Change is difficult, yes. Adapt or… don’t.

I am trying to adapt that’s why I came here to try and adapt the new changes to my play style you’re not a very good troll

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Doesn’t look like you’re adapting to me.

The Human Condition is not the same as it was back in the day you can’t just give a little taste and then take it away and think people will just clamor to come back and get some more there is so much choice in the world that they will just find something else

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If only you got ISK for crisis acting.

You must be a millennial thinking that sitting on my couch drinking coffee and talking into my phone while watching TV is a crisis

You mad bro

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It’s your crisis, why would I be mad?

Every post im making your immediately replying so you must be having a crisis that I’m posting

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