New tool for high sec criminal hunters

No worries

Why not capitals as well?

Highsec has a set of rules that don’t include bubbles amd never have. Sure we can change them to make them more like nullsec, but you really haven’t given a reason why that would be something anyone would want to do.

As was explained, the faction police sort of make bubbles over-powered and unlikely to generate conflict as the NPC will do everything. Further, you can already catch both suspects and outlaws using the already legal-in-highsec modules like warp scramblers and warp disruptors.

Instead of asking CCP to waste development time to change the game, why don’t you use the tools already at your disposal?

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Its more complicated than that…for example CODE have citadels all over in high sec…if say, my corp has got 1000 players we can bubble all their citadels and camp them so our miners can mine in peace…how about that? gives us a better chance to survive and fight back these scumbags


Why should you be able to secure your space from criminals with no ongoing effort?

If you don’t like criminals then you and your 1000 friends should just shoot them. That is the whole point of the CrimeWatch system and why criminals are allowed in highsec and made so vulnerable. You can do so now without asking CCP to tilt the game in your favour and give you some tool to make the NPCs do it for you while you indulge your compulsion to farm.

Besides, it wouldn’t work as you fantasize. An organized group like CODE. would just shoot your bubbles, which of course would have to be vulnerable to attack, clearing them as fast as you place them with neutral friends/alts.

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It was just an idea while i was waiting for tranquility to come back online

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Anyway i kind of knew it would never happen as its not in CCP’s interests anyway

Carebear ideas never work out in the carebears favor…

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I Agree

I remember like it was yesterday when some other ag fail general demanded that criminals should not be allowed to dock in NPC stations so that they are forced to set up Citadels and can be attacked. We then told him that you will be back here and just ask for the next nerf.

Yeah I think it was actually yesterday…

So what happened? Why don’t you just wardec and destroy the Citadels?

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You really should not put every single individual person into the same bucket. They do not have a single mind, some of them actually have no minds at all, and not everyone is a dick. You would not want the same to be done to you and the people you know. Some of them doing it does not mean that it is okay to do the same. Actually it makes things just worse and pulls everyone down to their levels.

Great, now I sound like a teacher. Sorry.

Simpler would be if Faction Police applied Warp Disruptors.

Can still be defeated with AB/MWD and/or Warp stabs.

Where did I put them into the same bucket? I just pointed out that some other guy just the other day wanted to force every ganker into Citadels so they could be attacked.

Was pretty obvious they would then be to cowardly to attack it anyway, because no NPC help and stuff, and now they just cry for another nerf.

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That was not me asking that they should not be allowed to dock in NPC stations, but i did ask a while ago for gankers to be denied entry into high sec for a month…then the time to increase for the second gank and so on till banned from high sec indef. :slight_smile:

Whats an ‘‘AG FAIL’’

Are you in other words calling me mindless? If i were you i’d be careful who i insult

And of course who would these replies would come from…CODE members…what a surprise

I can actually solve this for you. It would make the game monotonous if the mechanics were basically identical in empire as they are in null

I have no idea what made you write this comment, and I have no idea wtf you were reading, but the only appropriate answer to this childish comment of yours is:

No one cares who you are, internet warrior. You are a nobody. I can insult you all day (within the forum rules and in-game rules) and you can never ever do anything about it. At no time, no place, no where. Please do not try to play the tough guy, because you are not a tough guy.

Thank you. Now please turn back into a thinking human being.


Trying to project the same emotions that you feel about yourself onto everyone around you by ganking with CODE because no one really thinks anything of you in the station. To them you are a just laughing material.

So you gank and you gank unleashing your hate and frustration of not being someone in the station. But when ganking you can turn to Ma and say “Look Ma, look what I destroyed, look who I made feel miserable, now I feel self righteous and supreme if only for 15 minutes. Then the reality of the station makes me feel all bad deep down inside again.”

How about a Bucket of Give a (*&^ for your troubles? I could make billions harvesting your tears…Oh please Oh please look at the internet space ships I blew up…billions in Top Tear Alliance tears…

Pot, meet kettle.