New tool for high sec criminal hunters

Look, man, I have no idea what rustled your jimmies. I did not talk negatively about you in my post, yet you react like an angry child. Whatever it is that blew your beautiful rainbow feathers, i can guarantee you that it was not in my intention to do so.

Also: You took the bait. You are way too easy. And Salvos, please stop begging for my attention.

U wot?

you are basically calling me mindless

you are basically adding gas to the fire

Except that actually I told Ima to not treat you like the mindless other ones. I said that not all of AG have a single (hive-)mind and some not even have a mind at all. I do not know what kind of insecurities you are suffering from, but no where did I talk about you. If you feel like, when I talk about others, that I am talking about you … then maybe the issue is you.

Have a nice day.

Grow up, @Solstice_Projekt.
You are coming across as a sarcastic, pimply little keyboard warrior on babis first troll.
If you are as adult as you claim, then act like it.

this is the comment that made me think you might be generalising and calling all of us that ask for high sec changes mindless…not directly but coming across it very nicely.

Emphasis added.

You really need to read the words I am actually writing, instead of reading what you are thinking I am writing. I was actually defending you.

point taken…i am not English and didn’t understand fully. I will retract what i said with millions of apologies

Amazing. We have solved the “crisis”. It was a big misunderstanding, we solved it, and now we can move forward again. And all of this before I even had my coffee. I hate working early.

Also next time you see someone acting like a tough guy he probably is and its not worth adding petrol to the fire by teazing. Just keep that in mind.

This is the internet. It is a forum. The only “tough” thing anyone here can pull off is writing angry words. There is nothing to gain by that, but everything to lose. An ego insulted by strangers on the internet is a rather immature thing. There is no insult you can throw around that would affect me, while on the other hand you have shown that you are easily triggered even by a simple misunderstanding. Just keep that in mind.

Now, do you really need to have the last word, or can we just move on? You did not do yourself a favour with your reaction, you definitely do not come across as a tough guy and I honestly suggest we move back on topic.

While i appreciate you defending me earlier,and its not because i have to have the last word but you must understand that i do get triggered by insults either on the internet,in real life,at the cinema,on the moon,on mars and anywhere in this real universe. It is who i am and i will never change…because i don’t take ■■■■ from anyone…to me an insult is an insult doesn’t matter where…so with that being said anyone that starts insulting me here will not have a normal conversation with me. I was actually very calm when i responded to your comment insulting you because i was simply trying to show you what you have caused by saying what you said…of course it was a misunderstanding but it was what it was. I never start insulting anyone anywhere, but i do respond to them. have a good day

This explains a lot. Well, okay then … as I do not really want to converse with insecure and immature adults who should rather be classified as children who need to be treated like they could break easily, I wish you good luck with this thread. To be sure that you can live happily through your day, I will not respond any longer and not read any of your posts.

OK speak for yourself then

you just proved what a ■■■■ and how immature you are by saying this so I feel real good that you took your mask off

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If you insult someone, don’t be surprised that they are insulted.

Even if they don’t take it personally, the intent to insult, is insulting in and of itself, and not conducive to adult discussion.

Even children know this. Why don’t you?

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Also because of the way you are I really hope your children or if you don’t have any if you ever have children I hope they will always treat you with disrespect and not give damn about you even when you try to show them that you love them.

He’d never have the guts to talk to you as he has here, IRL.
Hes a tough guy on the internet.

Might also be a culture issue.
He might come from a culture where his kind of sarcastic insulting, is accepted.
I sure as hell dont.

There is so much i can say about real life to him,but i don’t wont to brake eve regulations and get banned. So i better shut up.