Public Fleet advert does not enforce minimum standings

I can’t find a way to forbid people with bad standings from joining my fleet.

I tried to set negative corporation standings against their corporation, did not work.
Tried to set personal standings with their corporation and did not work either.
Now I set personal negative standings with some individuals and they can join my public fleet too.

How is so?

I use the advanced settings from the Fleet up! Agency tab, make my fleet “Public Accessible” in the advanced options, also select Minimum Required Standings to 0.0. Still red people join, how?

How is that supposed to work also? Are my corporation/alliance standings counted or only the personal one or both?

Change it to reflect good or excellent standings.

Example when we have clients create fleets, we give them a list of runners to give excellent standings and they give fleet access to those with excellent standings only

I’d love to keep it public, and people to join without requirements, for example day 1 players.

Its still public, but they have to have excellent standings or good standings with you to join

Well thank you. That is not what I’m looking for though.
I’d like for neutrals to join, but forbid people with negative standings. I can’t set good standings with people I don’t know yet, but I can certainly set bad standings on the few ones that I know.

By the way this is what this Reddit thread also describes.

Also note that my fleet has free-move off. I’m the only one able to send invites.

So you have good, excellent or based on their security status as 0.0. So when you select the last one, someone red can still join if their sec status is 0.0

Ok i dont know what that fleet up is, we dont use it for our corp. Sorry.

Interesting I never fully understood the interface … btw, dark blue “excellent” standing, wasn’t there some potentially dangerous perks associated with this, when you give that on individual level?

Access lists and stuff but nothing major serious aside from that if i recall

Was googling a bit, didn’t find any … but I record there was a reason why I never gave +10 to anybody except my banking alt. Anyway I think it was not related to fleets, or something long gone from EvE.

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