How do YOU organize your corp and personal standings?

I’m sort of a vet (2012) that returned 6 months ago and decided to get my #### in order. So I’m the CEO of my corp and within the area that I roam, I wanted to mark who’s hostile and who’s friendly, and also who’s neutral for my corp. I naturally found out neutral (above security standing 0.0 and below 5.0) far outweighed the other categories (especially since the LIMIT is 1,024 contacts), so I made all corporate contacts only for bad, terrible, good (5.0+), and excellent (special friends and those rare people above 5.3+), but even doing that, I am at the max of 1,024 contacts. So I’ve switched to non-neutral markings in personal standings, but that’s a bummer because my corp-mates won’t be able to see them. I know one solution is to find corporations that have a strict NRDS policy or the other way around “We gank everyone!” (CODE, etc.) and just give THEM a standing rating, thus eliminating a lot of individual contacts that way. But does anyone have any other suggestions?

EDIT: I had the overview setting that marked no-standing pilots to neutral, but I didn’t like that, and removed it.

EDIT2: Another thing I could do is remove all neutrals that are less than 6 months old, as they would (almost) never be a threat to me.



Everybody is neutral
Not blue its goo
Standings sorted. You are welcome.

The standings system as a whole needs removal

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I no longer run a corp. But I used to. We had a simple rule: no corp standings get set for individuals, only for corps. Is that corp in an alliance? Then the alliance gets a standing, no exceptions.

The only ones marked blue were our immediate allies (+10 for people who PVP on our turf and +5 for anyone else, like indies). The only ones marked red where entities that attacked our structures. All neutrals were assumed to be hostile (NBSI).

In order to get standings your group had to be a real pal or a real asshole to us. We didn’t set standings for groups that didn’t affect us in one way or another. That way we kept the number of standings set as low as possible, and the number of potential targets the highest.


I have a single group set blue with a few known ganker groups set red, everything is a valid target, the blue guys just get shot last, easy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay, thanks for the suggestions. I guess I’m overly paranoid. I’m a defensive kind of player. Going to eliminate all neutral set standings except in low and null for now, then probably eliminate them altogether as I get to know them.



The standing System needs a Extension.
The First step to it Is done as you can see with standing require in Trig stations and soon known Space will have it as well.

Yeah they already have it in k-space, its called citadels, empire NPC stations aren’t going to get that, they genuinely don’t care if you’re hostile outside of the token navy presence they send after you

Same way null doesn’t have it in the pirate regions, you just suffer massive bills when it comes to reprocessing and manufacturing etc

You guys are certainly free to talk about whatever you want but this thread has gotten de-railed…Went from organizing personal/corporation/alliance standings towards individual entities to standings towards Trigs/Eden/Player-owned stations…Just sayin.

Dray Cil

Try to only mark hostiles and friendlies. Let the rest show up as neutral (which means potentially hostile). How you react to neutrals is up to you.

Now you’ve categorized everyone in EVE!


You’d think that…Until a friend takes a bunch of bath salts and attacks everything in sight, and then your whole world is turned upside down.

How can you talk about your ex @Archer_en_Tilavine like that ? :rofl: :joy:

Wait, what do you mean “ex”? He broke up with me? Oh my god, when!? He didn’t even tell me!

I can’t believe this…

perhaps i may have misspoken

Too late @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:


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Convo me ingame i can show you… also it has to be sorted in your overview settings too… we have no blues … but we are in eternal 3 way mutual war which makes everything pretty complicated .

Yeah, that’s what I’m going to end up doing.

Dray Cil

The two biggest problems faced with managing standings is 1. having ambiguous criteria that between two standing levels (esp. +5 and +10), and 2. having the tendancy to add too many entities to contacts needlessly (esp. -5) and/or not have an easy way of replacing less-important contacts with more-important contacts

Here is how I tackle the criteria issue:

  • -10: entities determined to attack you PVP-wise or politically. Always acceptable to preemptively attack.
  • -5: established pirate/griefer/ganker groups that actively engage others opportunistically but not “personally” (eg. CODE would fall under this category). Always acceptable to preemptively attack in LS/NS. You can also assign this to scammers, shittalkers, and other assholes that aren’t necessarily PVP threats but that you certainly don’t want to shake hands with.
  • -0 (“Negative Zero” = no standing assigned for unknown entities): keep your guard up. Most groups are NBSI for these unknown players (but not structures) in LS/NS, but rules of engagement may vary.
  • +0 (“Positive Zero” = assigned 0 standing for known neutrals): keep your guard up, but do not preemptively attack. Think non-aggression pact
  • +5: Friendly groups you’ve established diplomatic relations with. Typically groups with mutual permission to enter each other’s territory, or that you would join each other’s fleets (but not necessarily wars), etc
  • +10: Coordinated military alliances/coalitions, alts, subsidiary/parent/sibling groups, etc

Not every [xxx] needs to be automatically given a certain standing; however, if you find yourself reaching the contacts limit, it helps if you assign labels to contacts as you add them so you know which “less important” contacts to drop to make room for new ones. In particular, you want to replace individual players with corps or less important players with more important ones (esp. notorious PVPers). Example: I like to give scammers and shittalkers a -5 standing even if they never posed a PVP threat, but if I ever ran out of contacts I’d obviously want to replace those with actual PVP threats, so having a label for those contacts (eg. “Scammer”) would let you choose among those to delete from to make room for new ones.

Also: I customize my overview so that Negative Zero appears with a solid black background to make them very noticeable and easy to identify compared to other entities (including non-players) in the overview.

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baby steps

Great idea! Thanks for the tips.

Dray Cil

Save yourself a lot of time and trouble. Fuss about the standings of those with whom you are currently engaged in some fashion. There’s 22,000+ players at any given moment. It’s a fool’s errand to try to categorize them all. So, what criteria would be used to winnow this down? You get arbitrary fast.

Deal with what needs to be dealt with.
Accentuate the obvious.
Eliminate the rest.
(That’s how we do art, as well!)