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Hi alltogether,

I´m missing a function where I can mark others as friend, without a modifier to the actual standing.
In eve everyone has friends which leave the corp, the alliance, the coalition … but they are still friends which you want to pull the capsule out of their ships.

When meeting them in large fleets or something I´d like to see them early for a “o7” in local.

I´m thinking about a symbol like “dangerous, suspicious, …” which you can give anyone in your contact list, without modifying their standing.

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Modifying standing is how you mark someone as a friend though? :thinking:

but you can meet them in an enemy fleet later, but still be friends.
So giving him an + standing when he goes to an enemy / neut corp will fu my hud.

I like this. Standing should not be the same as someone you like to talk to.

Personalized private player markers would be cool to be honest, as long as they cannot be used on a corporate / alliance level because standings are already a thing for that. It actually is a bit of an issue using the current standings markers for fleet level tags as well as personal tags at the same time so i’d be happy with a separate marker for interesting people who do not require an actual standings marker.


Yes, that´s exactly what I think about.

Just in this time my alliance is scattering (FCON - just to stop keep bab talk here before they begin) and I had a great time here. Some people stay, some switch inside the coalition, some go to the enemy, some join the goons … but I really like many people.

The tag I suggest should have no meaning to “is he online” or any other game mechanic. Sometimes I just wanna spam local with inside jokes or ask if the estimated beer next year is still possible. There are so many great guys out there and ways are different.

Well i mean lets not go crazy, spamming local is ■■■■.

Try a private chat for spam, and a simple marker in local to single out your friends.

This is Eve. Never not shitpost in local. It’s a simple and well-known truth that Sperg Is Life; Sperg Is Love.

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