Why can't I make a publicly searchable fleet with no requirements?

I was running missions for Emperor Family for standings, when I thought this might benefit others, too.

So I created a fleet, and went to my Fleet Advert. I can’t just make a little mission fleet public, it seems, without having a standings rule, or something. But I don’t have the whole world set to Good, which is the only choice below Excellent. WTF?

The only way to make my fleet publicly available is to allow people to join with Good standing. What does that mean? Good in relationship to what? Myself? How are random people around New Eden supposed to already have good standing with me?

The security status option doesn’t make sense either, which is what I was thinking I might use, since I’d rather make my game publicly available to anyone regardless of standings toward me, and just as long as they have a positive security status, that should generally be good enough. But you can only specify security status IF the option to filter based on standings is checked. What the H? This seems backward. Shouldn’t security status be its own filter, or at least more important than Standing?

I don’t need to narrow that group down anymore. Because I am neutral to almost everyone in the game, how is anyone supposed to find my little standings fleet? There are like 5 people who set their standings toward me as ‘Good.’ It’s mostly a useless feature to me. I’m just trying to help people out here. Why is it so backwards?

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They are not, you have to set to set them blue manually.

If it were possible to make fleets completely public, then your fleet finder would probably be flooded with a few thousand public fleets, and your corp’s fleet would suddenly be very hard to find.

I always see this public mining fleets in my fleet finder, I’m not a miner, not affiliated to them, have negative sec status …

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