Fleet Discovery Improved

Since CCP cannot create comment topics anymore.

Improved is very subjective here. Now I have to open 2 windows to do the same things I could do in one window before. This is not “improved” – this is just more busy work and less clear UI.

Based on this picture and a quick test on Sisi, functionality was removed from the fleet advert menu. You could set standings for alliance members to exclude certain members that were set to unfavorable standings for, for instance, awoxxing or other things.


Thanks for creating the topic.

Now, how you would like to see things improved? Naturally, it seems like you also want to be able set minimum standings for your alliance and corporation members, but what else?

Also, I think the agency UI is an improvement. It’s clean, easy to read, has popups for additional information. Oh, and do you really need to use both windows to create fleets, or were you just being hyperbolic? Because that would actually be a step back. Reminds me of windows 10 splitting settings between two different places (control panel and settings).


It turns out that this functionality is still present, the UI is just not that intuitive about it. All of the following options share the same Minimum Requires Standings / Minimum Requires Security Status sliders:
My Corporation
My Alliance
My Militia

I’m not a frequent FC, so there may have been a loss in granularity - in the standard finder, can you set these independently between Corp/Alliance, or are they merged there as well? I’m back away from my PC so I can’t check.

And added example screenshots:


First thing first many thanks for do the post

and second : i am actualy surprice ccp copy one of the WORST funtions FOR pve/pvp IN THE HISTORY OF ANY MMORPG

“fleet discovery” akk Raid finder

SURE: i gona made a fleet for pvp in null with the topic


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This function isnt new, theyve had it for ages. The front end is new, is all.

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It links to … the forums! :smiley:

I love this! :smiley:

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im going to be SO pissed if i have to open the agency to get to the fleet menue instead of using one button in my side bar

It might not have linked to it right away. For one, the topic didn’t get pinned until several hours after it was created, and several people (including myself) once asked a question about a dev blog only to get bombarded with people telling us that we couldn’t read. And, it was because they went and updated the dev blog after seeing our questions.

Tnx for the topic.
I think this is not necessary if you are in big corp or alliance, they have their own fleet ops on their websites. But I guess it is a nice tool for corps/alliance/ other groups, that don’t want to set up such a site. And also for newbro’s. One issue: I would be rather careful to open my fleet for the public, unless I’m setting up a bait fleet, maybe :slight_smile:
I wonder if this tool gets used often. I didn’t use it before.
But maybe that has more to do with my FC skills.

I believe Solstice is observing that the forum link on the Dev Blog is just to the forum homepage, not to any specific article or even area of the forums. If they are posting the Dev Blog first and plan to follow up with a forum thread, at the least the placeholder should point to the appropriate forum area for the thread.

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Anything that helps new players find and join fleets is a good thing.

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