Photon Ui - Fleet Finder

The chances that I am blind and stupid are very high on this one…
But I can’t find the fleet finder while I am in a fleet.
I even used the pointer windows which points me to “Fleet”.
But the fleet finder is still not there. Didn’t found it in the “more” menu either (the three dots)


Fleet finder is in the Agency and only the agency with the new UI, because why would the fleet finder be in the Fleet window which you use to be in fleets and get into fleets. Right?


Mhm okay… I did not use the Agency so far.
I mean it’s okay to push that for new players, but why delete existing features?

It is Fleet related and I see how the Agency maybe is good for new players to find the stuff they are looking for. But for ppl who know all this, it does not make any sense to me.

Would be great if we get this feature reimplemented. I mean it exists, it does not hurt, and it does not make things more complicated for new players.

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to change from one fleet to a other?
easy … fast …

oh it was sarcastic i guess



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