Fleet window default

I’ve noticed that after leaving a fleet, the fleet window always defaults to the “Fleet” (form a new fleet) tab instead of the “Find Fleets” tab (see existing fleets). This is a change in behavior than from the old UI. 99% of the time, people will be looking for existing fleets to join, not forming a new fleet. Unless I"m an FC, I am only looking for someone else’s fleet to join. Please revert this behavior to display the “Find Fleets” tab when leaving a fleet.


Agree i find it annyoing too…
It adds 5 seconds for me to get in standing fleet from a fun fleet in brave …

Now image im in a rorqual mining and suddenly some hostiles jump in system and every second counts and i have to light a cyno really quick…
that time needed to switch fleets is crucial to survival

I also find it annoying you cant see fleet finder while in a fleet

Agree, this is terrible design principle.

+1 for asking for the fleet window to default to Find Fleets rather than “fleet”. Please. Thank you.

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another +1

Not being able to see fleet adverts, while you are already in a fleet makes the new UI unusable

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