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The recent update brought the new fleet window design to TQ, and while I like most of what I see, I do have one major issue…

The old UI shows your position in fleet and the number of people at the top of the window. For example Fleet (# Member) > Wing Name > Squad Name. This information provides a really useful way to keep an eye on your fleet size when FCing, especially if you need to watch your Broadcast (nee. History) tab.

Now I have to do one of the following:

  1. Click on the Settings button to open the context menu

  2. Merge the fleet window into another window (the data is shown on the tab name). While this works, it’s not exactly ideal as you may not have a window you can suitability stack fleet with.


  3. Switch my UI to the Fleet tab. While this option works, it means I can no longer look at the Broadcasts tab, and I potentially have to scroll through a long list of pilots to find where I am. Whereas retaining the information at the top of the fleet window means I can always see at a glance what wing and squad I’m in, and how many people are in fleet.

I could see an argument for only adding this information back in non-compact mode, but I’d even argue it could be on compact mode so long as it doesn’t add a bunch of unnecessary clutter. For context this is what it looks like on the old UI:

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in the old ui you could see the fleet finder tab, it was really useful incase you wanted to merge fleets or somthing. now you have to leave your fleet first bevor you can see different active fleets

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So for me this issue isn’t as prevalent as I have my fleet window within my local chat box too so the information displays on the tab, HOWEVER since one of the recent patches the fleet details only show on the tab when I click the fleet hierarchy section and wait for it to “load”, previously it never needed to load it was just there instantaneously but now it requires to be clicked every time and left to load before the member count etc will show up on the tab.

1 step forward 2 steps back unfortunately. I believe as the OP has stated this feature ought to be the same as before, the way it displayed the info was useful unlike how it is now.

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Also if you can’t see the fleet finder window its hard to drag the fleet name into chat for others to join

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