Standing requirement for being repped by NPC Miners

Dev blogs say “EXCELLENT STANDING”. That’s +10 right?

But I’ve seen other posts saying +5 corp (With connections) and >0 Faction

Anyone actually gotten “defended”?

I’m waiting for a ticket to come back but this could be answered by someone with +5 or + 10


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Does this even happen?

Has anyone experienced this?

I suspect it was a wish list item and never made it into game.

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I have some tickets in confirming but I am looking for some player feedback.

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I was always curious about that myself. Having 3,26 I’ve only been targeted by logis but no reps, even though I was taking damage from belt rats. I was wondering maybe they didn’t repair because I was taking shield damage and miners were Gallente. Possible?

+10 sounds really harsh. Corps I was running missions for ages only give me 9,5.

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I heard that they would only rep you if you were attacked by someone… I will be taking a ship out to kill some clone soldiers soon so I’ll find out some more info soon

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FYI. I am now + 8 corp (With Connections IV) and +1 to the faction.

They show BLUE on my overview. So I’m gonna assume you only need +8 corp and + Faction to be repped.

Still haven’t gone out there to TRY this. And I still have another ELEVEN Corps to Grind from 5.1 >> 8

That’s about 4-5 Storylines that are “Distribution” storylines. (At L3, since the nearest agent-storyline was a l3 and storyline in the same system)

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@CCP_Larrikin might be the man to ask. Do friendly npc mining teams rep players?

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They are supposed to. The “defense fleet” is supposed to attack players hostile to you.

I haven’t tried it since getting +8.0 standing.

Sure glad I didn’t need +10 standing to turn them blue.

I’ll let you know.

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Here’s what I have found out:

Pirates need 5.0 FACTION (Adjusted). I am assuming you need +0 corp as well.

Empire factions need 5.0 Corp with +0 Faction.

But: I have been grinding pirate standing… and I have +0.2 (unadjusted Amarr Standing) and 8.32 (adjusted) Corp for Ducia.

I saw a White Ducia Bestower today… hmmm

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Gonna add something here: I have + Minmatar standing and +5 to a few factions. The mining fleet is still white.

However, I have +4 to the Guristas, so I think that having a high/higher Gurista standing may cancel the positive empire standing.

For my own records: +0.2 Matar and +5.1 Matar mining = Fleet white with Gurista at 3.0/4.0 faction


New Theory: For a while I was trying to raise standings to get above my Guristas. But I noticed my Concord standing is low due to trying to get sansha / blood raider standing high.

So my guess is, Concord + Faction standing >0 In addition to corp standing above 5.

I will let you all know

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Okay, I started missioning on a new character. I used to use this character as a “Storyline completer”, that is, the person who would kill empire ships. Not too many tho.

Anyhow. I have +0 faction standing, and +5 Corp standing (With connections, but not diplomacy.)

The miner is still white.

Any help is appreciated.

It’s POSSIBLE that it’s been changed to +Corp and + Faction. Or even +5 corp and +5 Faction!

Suitonia found that he needed +5 FACTION to be repped by pirates.

Well, I’m going back to missioning for Ducia. I’ll let you all know what I find out.

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Yeah, I think this is how they’re set up to respond.

I have +10.00 standing with Thukker Mix Corp and my Thukker Tribe Faction is -0.49 base and +2.14 modified.

Lv 5 Diplomacy skill raises my negative Faction standing to neutral at 0.00 standing, then Lv 5 Connections skill takes it from 0.00 standing to +2.14 Faction standing. NPC’s go by your modified standings.

So due to having +10.00 Thukker Mix standing, their NPC Mining Fleets are blue to me. Now I don’t know if the NPC repair game mechanic is activated when attacked by NPC’s or if it only applies to player characters.

Unknown to me at the time, the system had an active FOB so there were other NPC mining fleets in the belts too. I warped to a belt and landed on grid with a dozen blue Thukker Mix mining ships, a dozen red Guristas mining ships and a few red Sansha mining ships.

While I was there checking out all the NPC’s and wondering why Thukker Mix, who’s negative towards both Sansh and Guristas, was just sitting there happily mining away next to them when all of a sudden the red Guristas NPC mining fleet targeted me, started shooting and warping away while their response attack fleet started warping in and targeting me.

I started getting range after being attacked and decided to warp out due to being in a Prospect Frigate. After warping back again under Covert Cloak, the Guristas mining fleet was gone and there was a nice sizable response attack fleet sitting there next to the blue Thukker Mix ships, still happily mining next to a few red Sansha mining ships.

The NPC Mining Fleets game mechanic is suppose to be based on standings so Thukker Tribe, who’s enemy with Sansha and Gurista, shouldn’t be sitting there mining with them in the same belt. Also with +10 standing to Thukker Mix, their fleet should have repaired me when my little Prospect mining frigate was attacked.

As I said before, maybe the repair game mechanic only pertains to player interaction. Also I barely know the game mechanics pertaining to FOB’s. Anyway, I didn’t attack any of the ships so it wasn’t any aggressive actions from me so I figured it was due to my negative standings towards the Pirate NPC’s.

So according to Suitonia saying players need +5.00 Faction standing to get reps, that might explain the lack of repair action from Thukker Mix mining fleet since I only have +2.14 standing with Thukker Tribe Faction.

Course the NPC Standings game mechanic probably only applies to player interaction, that would definitely explain why Thukker Tribe fleets were mining right alongside enemy factions. As for Reps, probably the same, only applies to player interaction, i.e. when attacked by another player while on grid with friendly mining fleet.

Personally I remain unconvinced that there is a mechanic in place for players to be repaired by my NPC.


When you say a RESPONSE fleet warped in: Was that a Thukker or Gurista/Sansha fleet that warped in?

Today I did a bunch of Thukker Mix missions.

I am now 1.24 Faction (Connections to 2.64) and 9.97 to Thukker Mix.

They are blue to me. They were white when I was -0.25 before handing in a Storyline.

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Could we have a better explanation for this new mechanics?
If I’m blue to a mining fleet, what benefits does that trigger?
What are the actual standings needed for certain conditions to be met?

Thank you.

That’s what we’re trying to figure out.

fyi: I’m 0.48 / 2.0 Minmatar and 5.23 modded to matar mining. And they are blue!

0.26 / 1.82 matar / 5.23 matar Mining - WHITE
.34 matar mining - white

0.12 / 1.7 Unmodded Amarr / 5.23 Modded Deep Core - WHITE
0.56/2.07 Amarr Joint Harvest +5 BLUE
.55/ 2.06 Amarr Joint +5 BLUE

Probably requires 2.0 modded to get blue standings.

Suitonia has a great vid on using + pirate standings, but I don’t know how you could use it in hisec.

Off the top of my head, I’m around 2.2 (with skills) with Material Assets and 5.7 with Gallente with NPC haulers/miners appearing blue. I’ll have to track down that Suitonia video and take a look, perhaps I’ll find all my questions answered there.

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My guess is that the high faction standing with Gallente just over rode the corp requirement, kinda like how you can do all level 4 missions when you have +5 Faction.

It’s on Suitonia’s channel, I would say no more than 4-5 “back”.

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