Standing requirement for being repped by NPC Miners

(Mr Carbon) #1

Dev blogs say “EXCELLENT STANDING”. That’s +10 right?

But I’ve seen other posts saying +5 corp (With connections) and >0 Faction

Anyone actually gotten “defended”?

I’m waiting for a ticket to come back but this could be answered by someone with +5 or + 10


(Chan'aar) #2

Does this even happen?

Has anyone experienced this?

I suspect it was a wish list item and never made it into game.

(Mr Carbon) #3

I have some tickets in confirming but I am looking for some player feedback.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #4

I was always curious about that myself. Having 3,26 I’ve only been targeted by logis but no reps, even though I was taking damage from belt rats. I was wondering maybe they didn’t repair because I was taking shield damage and miners were Gallente. Possible?

+10 sounds really harsh. Corps I was running missions for ages only give me 9,5.

(Mr Carbon) #5

I heard that they would only rep you if you were attacked by someone… I will be taking a ship out to kill some clone soldiers soon so I’ll find out some more info soon

(Mr Carbon) #6

FYI. I am now + 8 corp (With Connections IV) and +1 to the faction.

They show BLUE on my overview. So I’m gonna assume you only need +8 corp and + Faction to be repped.

Still haven’t gone out there to TRY this. And I still have another ELEVEN Corps to Grind from 5.1 >> 8

That’s about 4-5 Storylines that are “Distribution” storylines. (At L3, since the nearest agent-storyline was a l3 and storyline in the same system)

(Chan'aar) #7

@CCP_Larrikin might be the man to ask. Do friendly npc mining teams rep players?

(Mr Carbon) #8

They are supposed to. The “defense fleet” is supposed to attack players hostile to you.

I haven’t tried it since getting +8.0 standing.

Sure glad I didn’t need +10 standing to turn them blue.

I’ll let you know.