Standings/sec status idea

Dont know if I’ll get a lot of heat for this idea, but let me just start by saying that Im no where near the standings Im about to talk about, but here is an idea I’ve been thinking about which would be really cool to implement (in my opinion)

For those who have grinded all 4 major factions above for example 9.0 or 9.5 base standing it would open up new exclusive missions for Concord in their system making it possible to get sec standing to +10 as a reward for doing a lot of the new missions. It would create new pve content for those who have really committed themselves to the grind and give everybody who “cares” something very long term to strive for.

I know many would say “who cares”, but I like the idea of +10 being something like a badge of honour…just like some pirates think of -10

Its possible, in numbers to be +10 but if you see the actual numbers it would take years to literal be +10.

Decades, I think…

Dont know why, I just like the idea of Concord rewarding players with all 4 major faction standings very high. And Concord missions…mmm :yum:

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