How and where do I mine nowadays?

So I have a retriever and a procurer in Placid.

Strip Miner twos. The retriever has scordite crystals and the procurator has veldspar crystals.

I had to work so I haven’t been able to play for a while. I just came back to my home system in Placid to find that nobody wants to buy either of those ores. At all. 8 jumps away if you want to sell them at a terrible price.

I was thinking about buying a prospect and heading down into null space in order to try to find some dark ochre or something like that… I seriously can’t think of what else to do. I don’t like PVP. I don’t like to play with the Proving Grounds and stuff like that. I really just want to mine. But there doesn’t seem to be any way to mine the way that I used to, because no one wants to buy ore now. I’m really not sure how to keep playing this game.

I know if I try to take my retriever down to low sec or no sec it will get destroyed.

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If there is no industry or industrial, selling the Ore will be difficult.
Mining in Low with a Prospect will not really be the solution to solve this problem.
You will still have to ship the Ore to HS.

Another possibility would be

  • To create a Jumpclone in Placid. (so you can at each time go meat friends in Placid)
  • Go to HS with your toon ( a place near a Hub or a System with Industrials would be the solution.)

I’m to far away from Placid (in Amarr Space 48 Jumps away) so i can not buy your stuff.

You can also contact me per Evemail.

Fly safe.

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You could mine and mine and build up stockpiles so you can be ready to sell when things swing back the other way.

Scarcity is going to be ending the end of this year according to CCP and industry across the cluster will hopefully pick up again, along with prices.

Also, mercoxit prices are crazy high, (or they were recently double check) so you could take your Prospect out with some Deep Core Lasers and get that ore instead.


Shouldn’t the common ore prices fall even further to new lows, if the scarcity update becomes partially reverted (this assuming without the industry patch being struck down)?

If the ores become distributed more widely and commonly again, then ore prices per m3 should definitely go lower, even if miners might be able to start making a little more isk per hour from then on.
If the mineral concentrations in new and pre-existing ores are increased, than that, by itself, should increase the value of pre-existing ores when the update comes near, but when the scarcity update was announced, we saw that the distribution nerf had a much bigger effect on ore prices.
Scarcity increased the price of minerals before and after the first update and also increased the value of common ores, but only right until the update, after which the most common stuff like veldspar decreased to around pre-anouncement pricing.
If the update were similarly reversed, I would then expect the mineral prices to fall and the value of common ores to drop temporarily, in between announcement and update.

If I were to bet my isk on it, I would sell minerals sooner rather than later and not speculate on buying+holding ores either.

I say don’t mine rocks now. You can never go wrong with not mining anything and now is an even worse time to mine rocks.


I’m guessing that mineral prices are so low because people stopped building things.

I’m also guessing that the end of scarcity will make it easier to get all the materials needed for the new cap industry, and that people will resume building capitals for the new capital ratting sites.

So demand for minerals will go up as BS and Cap production becomes more accessible with scarcity ending.

I’m just guessing though.


I hadn’t really considered that it might just be a dead pocket of space even though it was a live pocket for a long time. Time to hop in the old procurer and fly around the universe to see what I can find.

I had no idea the scarcity was going to be ending. I thought this was kind of “the new Eve” that didn’t focus on industry anymore.

I guess I could just mine without worrying about selling as another option.

If I didn’t mine what would I do? I’m not really big on running missions, and I don’t really care for PVP. I used to do a lot of exploring, and I’m really good at that, but my new computer has a problem with it.

I’m still thinking about buying that Prospect and trying to find some ore that is dangerous in low sec or no sec. I think that sounds fun, even though I’m not sure how to make money doing it.

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Just wait until you see the mining ship nerfs @CCP_Rattati has coming next month :rofl:


Or more of your scare mongering?

I guess more of jumping to conclusions, since what was announced is a balance pass of all mining ships. (Some hints about bringing the Orca “back to the intended role as a fleet support ship” made some players to freak out but we are yet to see what CCP’s plans are exactly)

That’s all it was ever good at. People using it with mining drones was/is silly and not a good income generator. You can make isk faster with an active PI setup than with an afk orca miner.

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It seems not everyone noticed it. Shrugs

If the minerals you mine are free, may I please have them? Thanks in advance!


Uh oh.

What these guys usually do, is leave Eve online running, while they do homework on that computer. The only true commodity of real value in Eve is player-attention and mining this way, doesn’t cost them any attention. Tank + Concord makes this possible.
Income’s more passive than PI even. So a free thing, but with a price tag attached still.

Many will probably keep doing it until the common mineral prices drop to insignificant values, or until gankers eventually blow up their last Orca, but that’s a very long wait in most regions of space.

That also means there is plenty of downward potential on tritanium pricing still. PI, reactions and lowsec minerals will keep the ship hull prices high, unless CCP ease up those requirements as well.

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