So i'm not sure what I should be doing

So much info and most of it is outdated now, swimming through all the people upset with the mining changes and they might have a good reason to be. I really don’t know, but I just want to ask as a total clueless person this.

I just now learn how to use mining lasers b crystals, and I saw they are very costly. Now I looked it up, and I get mix answers on them. Some say it is not worth using in high sec. (I’m getting use to the game before I go into lower sec space.) and some even say that it is not worth using at all with the new changes, and I should stick to strip miners and forget crystals. Even some saying just to stick with basic crystals and not 2.

So with crystals around my area being 1.8 mil a pop. Would it still be worth it? All this talk about waste and stuff is confusing, but I am in high sec. So I can easily just move to another belt no problem. It is not like I mine out a field yet, and I just mine anything. I’m not someone who cares about profit per hour. I just enjoy mining. (weird I know.)

I’d say use T1 if you are worried about waste.

Also don’t mine near hubs or in cal space. Use the map and find areas to mine that stuff can be transported to Jita or hub of your choice but avoids Uedama/Botane and those areas that are high gank.

Also if can find a system that has an active upwell so you can compress ore.

I can mail you a system that fits in game if you’d like.

I found a nice spot that seems to don’t have many people going to it, and deaths here don’t seem that bad. So set my base here. I just unlocked mining crystals 2. And don’t really care about the whole waste thing. Just wondering if I should switch over to them once my tier 1 B crystals are done. Right now I’m at the stage of rebuilding so I guess I could test and do the math. Was just wondering if anyone else done it, as I never used the t2 crystals before.

Find what works for you honestly. Trial and error can be good.

Ya, I figure I should. Guess once I get this load done. I will start doing the math on it. I kinda already made the mistake it seems to getting a procurer someone said with the new changes, but I don’t really now. It is my first barge, so the videos told me that “gankers” see it is much harder to gank them in high sec so they will leave you alone.

Oh uh no. They will totally kill your barge.

Hence why you should mine in in an off-grid system.

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Somewhere quiet and off the beaten track. Ideally where you get to recognise the regular visitors. Be aware and check out who strangers are.
Make sure known gankers and banking groups are set to “low standing” - red - and that is showing in overview and local. You can use zkillboard - look at what groups are killing barges in hi-sec using cheap high damage ships such as in this kill.
If you see them in local dock up and take a break.
A well fitted Procurer is harder to kill than an equivalent Covetor or Retriever. Given a choice, gankers will generally kill the easier target. Unless they think you are carrying something valuable.
Pay attention. AFK isn’t wise.

Crystals: Type A are best where you want the greatest proportion of a nice valuable asteroid - say a “small Dense Veldspar” rock. Type B where you are interested in speed filling the hold but are happy loosing a fair chunk of the rock because there are plenty of them and they are lower value “big bog standard Veldspar” rocks.
Type C are where you want to quickly destroy a set of rocks to deny them from others.

I mine for pleasure, to relax - I earn my main income from manufacturing. Mining as a main source of income isn’t terribly engaging. I know why people do it, but there are more fun forms of income.
Says someone who enjoys spreadsheets…

Honestly my advice would be as others said find your own “home” read up on the changes. It will take time but if you put in the work EVE will come back to you. Find a nice corp to help you out. Comms is always preferred for best service.

I just cooked up a batch of Simple B IIs and absolutely not worth it. Far more profit in selling them than the gains you get with using them. They just degrade far far too quickly. Other, better, kinds of ore yes, go B if wastage isn’t a concern.

Don’t discount training into the endurance and the prospect before barges before heading into lowsec, they don’t do badly with miner IIs and can cloak. With good skills they can match the procurer and are half the price.

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