Where to learn ninja mining

Hello everyone!

I am a new player and have for the past few weeks been looking to learn how to do ninja mining.
I want to mine it all, ore, ice and gas.

I have been checking various corporations out since the corp I am in does not do it, not even orca boosting in my time zone, but I can’t for my life say that I have seen an advertisement from any corporations saying they are into this kind of gameplay that I want to learn.

So I thought I would ask here on the forum if anyone can point me in the right direction since I am having such a hard time finding a place to learn.

Any hints or points in the right direction would be most appreciated!

Thank you!

I don’t think you will find corporation specializing in this activity. It’s mostly done solo, unorganized. You are flying in hostile space. Forget about boost or help in case of PvP.

I’d say, dive into low sec with cheap venture. Once you get enough isk, get into gas harvesting. Ice require omega afik. And I think you need at lest Endurance expedition frigate or barge.

Here is one video about LS mining: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2egOrP9_gs
Ninja gas mining in Wormholes also would be decent option. Just google it. There is ton of guides.

If you want to be dedicated miner. Your best bet would be to simply join null or low sec group. There you will have access to controlled space mining ops, boost etc. Ninja mining is nice activity to get started as new player. But there isn’t much options to grow and increase income. Hence joining a group and moving into large scale mining operations is best option.


Thank you for your reply!

I tried ninja mining in lowsec this evening and ended up getting a loss mail.
After that I tried to go to a wormhole and managed to haul a full Venture with Arkonor back to Jita. Was a bit of a downer to see what the hold was worth, but I had fun getting it!

So I guess I am on my own then unless I join a group in null if I want to make ISK on mining.
I’ll take that step later…

Thank you for the youtube link, I’ll have a look at it and make sure to use google as you said.

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Yah, the hauling is alot harder now that compression has changed. You can only compress via an industrial command ship before it was player owned stations with refineries it has kind of killed the solo mining aspect for me but I adjust.

I would Ninja mine Ice as that has the biggest value per block you mine glare crust is a great ice to mine!

Ninja mining follows the rules for PVP. Keep an eye on local, keep pulsing that 360 Dscan once you pick up a ship or combat probes I hightail it out of there.

Train t2 mining frigates. I love them for LS ice mining. (The endurance is the ice miner) Prospect is gas/ore both have their tiny but significant differences.

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I’ll make sure to be on the lookout for ice from now on untill I have learned gas.
I have an Endurance, mining ice with it in hisec.
I do understand that a Venture only can hold 5 blocks of ice and the Endurance 19.

Guess I can scout in a Venture and go get my Endurance if I find ice.

Thank you Anthony!

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Look up tech builds. There a mining and indy corp in horde.

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Thank you,
but at this time I feel I don’t need to join a big mining corporation.

I wouldn’t. Their ore buyback programs are scams and seriously undercut you.

Do the solo thing. Stick to low sec. Learn how to pay attention to local and ping your D-scanner every 3 seconds. Have it set up to see probes and player ships. This is vital.

Be pre aligned to a safe spot.

You can avoid most pvp encounters this way with a few exceptions.

The stealth bomber. You won’t see it coming until its too late. They sneak up on you all cloaky like humming baby shark, then decloak once they are 2,500 m off you and apply 2 warp scramblers (-4 to warp core strength) they won’t be using cruise missiles. I use rockets and a single auto-cannon with barrage. It’s enough to take out a lone venture.

But there is a way to predict if a nasty venture killing stealth bomber is around. Use the website zkillboard and look up folks that are in local or suddenly pop into local and quickly browse their kills to see if they have a history of hunting vents in stealth bombers.


  1. changed:

Their ore buyback programs are scams and seriously undercut you.


Most of their ore buyback programs are scams and seriously undercut you.

Dont make presumptions about our buy back program.
You will find its bloody good.
Most of our indy guys buy ore @ jita buy!
Lot better than 99 % of other places

Oops, you’re right. I miss worded my opening comment. It’s been corrected.

What’s your corp tax and your friendly fire status?

Well gas sites need to be scanned down. I recommend finding an NPC station in null sec, within three jumps of low sec, and within three jumps of a dead end system. Then mine sites on your alts while doing belt ratting on your main. Always mine in the same system as a station you can dock up at. Best times to mine are when everyone else is asleep. It’s not as lucrative as joining a big corp, but it’s better than high sec mining. Find an npc station with a refinery and look for ores which have minerals that are easy to haul. If you’re scanning down lots of sites, might as well bring some rangefinders and relic/data analyzers. When you’re moving your mining ships to gas sites, you’ll want to scout one jump ahead with a shuttle, to avoid all systems with people in local. I don’t really recommend ninja mining, since it’s easier to mine with foreman boosts.

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