A new Start up Corp. Establishing wealth and skills in Material Acquisitions. High and Low efforts.
Missions, Mining and Exploration. As we focus on investing time and training into new bros, as well as create long term plans with our more capable pilots. We currently try and operate Standing Fleets in Amarr Regions. With Future Plans to Colonize all 4 Empires. Already found 4 NPC corps from each empire to run missions for and stockpile salvage and loot for inter Corp trade, and Shipping. Not to mention I.s.k. and Speed running for LP.
Either consider joining our Amarr efforts or help the Corp Solidify its foothold in any of the other 3 empires for starters.
I’m a US tz pilot, although all TZ’s are welcome.

Besides maintaining a presence in High Sec for Ice and Ore. We are mustering assets and skills to apply pressure in a Low Sec pocket For Gas and Ore. Exploration and Evasion and Intel Gathering for Efficient Material Acquisition. Discord Necessary for Low.

Please Inquire for More Info.

-Tharedstrong text

We ain’t got none.

This sounds fun…


is that Sarcasm!?

Come on Now dont Be Shy

So, looking at your corp population I noticed that you lost over 2/3 of your people within a week.

What happened?

Did they not find speed running missions for LP fun?

The fact that no one got my reference makes me the sads :frowning:

You being sad makes me sad. :frowning:

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Sadly they replacing the actor too.

Truly a sad panda day.


Hey that was a great question Ax’L

What happened was there was a major schism.
Due to a disagreement on how major decisions for the corp would run. caused a Mutiny and I purged all inactivity after that. And we decided to take a more grassroot approach to recruitement.

whats the referance!?

Join R1vals!

They have:


Spicy intracorp drama!

Don’t do the same old boring thing with all those second rate corps. Join R1vals!

Seriously though, if I had an alt I’d join just for that drama. Keeps the game interesting 4 sure!

Good luck with your endeavors!

Thank you Ax’l

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