Is there any point in mining?

I am just about ready to have all the training requirements for a orca when I realized that it cannot mine directly. That and being new every one is trash talking mining and what was going to be a small mile stone has now left me confused and worried.

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Yes it can but it uses mining drones, not lasers.


People are trash talking mining because it is a to some extend boring, but convenient and relaxing way to make ISK without too much effort. Some people just don’t grasp the concept that not everyone needs action all the time. It is also an activity that does not necessarily generate a lot of income, but it’s better than nothing. Don’t give too much about it. However, you will need to get yourself a thick skin in order to ignore the trash talk and to live with the risk of getting bumped or otherwise harassed or destroyed by other characters.

As Pedro said, Orcas mine with Mining drones, which require more training and are not terribly efficient. If you can, you could provide mining and defensive fleet boosts to other miners in barges (which also requires more skill training), and in return they pay you a small portion of their mined ore.


Yes, the rocks minerals.


1st - Orca Mining.

I like mining in Orca.
I put
Large Drone Mining Augmentor II x2
Large Drone Mining Augmentor I

Augmented Mining drones

And you’re good to go.
Especially if you have 2 alts in covetor barges… They pay for themselves just with skill extract and sell injectors.
I keep the cash from production after that.

2nd - Why mining
Because of Industry aspect of the game. Managing resources, fleets, setting up your sell orders, managing to build tech 2 or tech 3 ships… It gets really complicated if you do all by yourself. And intersting… If its your ■■■■. Some people prefer to pew pew…Some prefer maths and margins calculations.


Don’t forget the Orca isn’t actually designed to be a miner…

Yes it can launch mining drones, but it’s main purpose is to boost other mining ships and provide extra ore hold so you don’t have to dock (and stop mining) so frequently


but Its chill to mine in orca :stuck_out_tongue:
And get efficient when you have alts to boost

The Orca essentially is a mining fleet boost ship, and not so much a solo mining ship. Unless you Rorqual mine in Delve, mining is a rather low skill, low income activity, and at the bottom of the food chain in EvE. So miners are looked down at by most of the none-mining players.

People are trash talking mining because they are either joking or because they are morons.

Most of the equipment that people use to pew pew is T2 stuff. At the end of the day, Meta, Faction and Officer modules are a minority of fitted gear, so mining is the quintessential first step in this T2 gear even existing.

Now with that being said, mining is both:
very zen and relaxing,
dull and boring.

I honestly cant recommend anyone to make a miner as their first and main character. A miner should at all times be an alt, used semi-afk for as much time online as possible. The mining skills are very SP intensive and do not double to anything else. It is imperative to mine more than 1.4b isk/month, because otherwise the miner is bleeding money and you’d be better off just buying PLEX and selling it, rather than subbing an alt.

I have one afk exhumer miner. I mine semi-afk for a couple of hours a day. Depending on circumstances, he mines 30 to 60 million isk an hour. He has ever died only three times merely with mining barges. Twice to rats (my stupidity) and once to a ganker. That’s about 80m isk of loss, but considering that I’ve mined billions with him of semi-afk passive income, who gives a ■■■■.

If done right, it’s a super safe activity with little risk and steady semi-afk income. But you need to mine a lot to make it worth.

Personally, I dont sell the ores. I manufacture stuff further for an increase in profit margin or manufacture stuff for myself (sometimes things are hard to come across in null, so it’s handy if you can just self-supply.


Neither was the rorqual, but we all know how that went lol.

I started out making money with mining because it was the easiest way to make quick isk. It doesn’t take much money for a procurer to mine ice and ores. However, it was never my intention to mine as my primary role in Eve. Now I make most of my money from missions / ratting in low sec. I mine occasionally when I need ore to make stuff.

However, a friend, who used to be an accountant, has 3 accounts that she uses for team mining. One flies the boosting orca and mines with drones, and the other two fill the orca quickly with their hulks. She also does a lot of PI and makes a ton of cash making fuel blocks and other stuff. She LOVES mining as a team, and making cash. It brings joy to the accountant inside of her.

There’s NOTHING wrong with mining, if you like it.


Flying an orca is a big milestone. It is a superb transport ship. It has less volume but more tank than any(?) freighter and is also a lot quicker with a much faster align time than any freighter too. And it costs less.

It can, using drones. I skilled mine to fly augmented drones and/or to do so afk but have never done that, using it instead for transport (see above). However, with more expensive (ie higher SP) drones it will do a very reasonable job if flying solo on a single account - as I do. It also has a vast ore hold in comparison.

Most people I have seen using it solo do so on ice with the single ice drone that it can use. I suspect most of the pilots are elsewhere most of the time.

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Or because it’s the least profitable and most boring income in the game, unless you have a Rorq. Mining is also the most AFK-able profession in the game and thus recieves a fair bit of smack for being risk averse.

Crappy gameplay, and deserving of all the abuse mining gets. Even you cannot recommend mining as a main profession.

I don’t see how it’s moronic to talk badly of the mining profession. I think it’s moronic to call others out for said smack talk, while at the same time confirming that even you wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t an AFK 2nd character that you don’t have to play.

Mining is in a terrible place and has been for years.

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So don’t so it yourself, leave it to those who want to. Personally I have 2 omega’s on 2 screens, one mining in a Procurer (soon to be a Skiff), the other exploring in an Imicus. I find the attention split to be about right, neither too boring nor too frantic. YMMV

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Because some people don’t realize what is cost effective when talking about mining, and affirm things such as “what I mine is free”.
Which mean, they end up mining the useless ores out of laziness to know what is actually worth it.


Don’t listen to the haters. EVE is a game. Do what you want to do. do what you enjoy.



if you are using a rorqual and have other players willing to back you up then yes mining is a good idea, insert join goons in delve line here.

outside of that I have a hard time recommending it. I do a bunch of industry and it’s just so much easier to buy materials in jita. My second account started as a miner, lets just say as soon as I got into an exhumer I more or less gave up on that. A few years later I tried going back and mining again and after a few hours I realized it was a complete waste of my time.

reasons against

  1. low income unless you have a rorqual (my main reason)
  2. passive play (so passive many find it boring)
  3. gank risk (you can mitigate this by finding an out of the way system, using insurance, and fit a damn tank)

reasons for

  1. easy to mulitbox (the scaling gets pretty nuts at the rorqual level)
  2. relaxing (imo too relaxing, it falls into the boring category, but that’s a personal judgement call)

That said it’s your time use it how you like.

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Because it’s a tactic used by Alex. The more they degrade mining and mock it, the less others will mine and the more valuable the minerals his carebears mine carebearing in their carebear circlejerk.

Just like when he created Hulkageddon and CODE. Alex has one purpose, be the ultimate mining carebear. No hulks for you to mine with means more ISK for the carebears. In this case it’s propaganda as opposed to just blowing up your ship.



But that by itself is not a reason to mine… If you like to do PvE and the amount of ISK you make that way in the time it would take you to mine the ore you need is greater than the ISK you’d have to pay to buy the minerals off the market, then you’re still better off doing PvE than mining…

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Well, you are right for some (maybe biggest part of ) players. But for many others ‘building my own ship from my own minerals somewhere far away from trade hubs’ is a thing. Cause of that “my home” feeling. Sandbox.