New Player with Questions about mining

Hello I’m a new player wanting to get into EVE but feeling lost. I want to mine or Run my shuttle but not sure where to start or where to join a corp that could help me.

What Beginner ship should i use for mining?

is there a certain skills i need to learn?

Welcome to EVE!

Assuming you have completed the tutorial, your next stop should be to run some special missions from what are called Career Agents. You can find information on them here:

One of the tracks is specifically related to mining and industry, and part of the reward for completing these is a mining frigate called a Venture.

To get deep into mining, yes, there is a large set of skills to train and ships that can be flown. And introduction to that can be found here:

Bear in mind that mining as a career is largely reserved for Omega status. Alphas can do some (flying a Venture, for example), but most intermediate or advanced mining is limited to Omegas due to skill limitations.

Good luck and let us know when (not if) you have more questions :slight_smile:



If you want to go deep into mining, you should have a look at ice mining and mining barges. But in the end a nice mining corp would help you most, because they know the tricks and give some protection. Easiest way to find fellows is just mine around in popular belts and start to chat with other miners in local, e.g. ask for a fleet invite for Orca boosts. If you like these guys and you meet more often, they used to be quite happy about new active members. This works best in Ice belts, but skilling ice mining is not hard.


Eve University is a good corp to start with. They have, for example, the Amarr Mining Campus, where you can hook up with other Unistas interested in mining. They also have a lot of other campuses. You can look them up on the uniwiki that was linked upthread.

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