Mining Guide for New with Omega?

I just get back since 1 year not playing, 1 year before i didnt even play for 2 weeks anyway, i have a venture, i just paid now omega, and i dont have a lot time for play im in the office and i can be minin cause not require a lot off time really and i can do nice money for a future.

Im currently uploading the 14 magic to level 4(not 5 cause they are a lot off days) they are 16 days with omega after these i will go for mining focused skills.

My question is, is there any good updated mining guide? like what ship to use+ what miners to get+ what to mine etc etc


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This is an extremely broad topic, but here are some resources for you:

And a great resource for deciding what kind of ore to mine and where to find it:

Take a look at all of that, and if you have any specific questions, feel free to post and we’ll try to answer :slight_smile:


There is no right answer to what you can/should fly. I suspect that you will be doing a bit of semi-afk mining and as such I would probably suggest going for Porpoise or Procurer, I’m expecting you’ll be mining in Highsec somewhere.

Porpoise is the smallest Industrial Command Ship and features Drone Mining (about) equal to the Procurer but have greater ore hold of up to 60k + 5k corp hangar. It’s Tank capability is also equal to a Procurer (60k give or take) the only down side is that you will have to manage your drones to swap between Mining and Combat drones as needed, although you should be able to tank 2-4 (frigate) belt rats for quite some time.

As to what you should be mining depends on if you only want IPH (ISK/h) or if you want to mine to get minerals to use in production. Assuming you’re only worried about the IPH then check the value on the website that Leah Crowleymass linked (Cerlestes .de).

In highsec area of, the values are (highest - lowest):

  • Random Anomalies - Jaspet, Hedbergite, Hemorphite, Kernite, Omber
  • Amarr - Kernite, Pyroxeres, Scordite, Veldspar
  • Caldari - Plagioclase, Pyroxeres, Scordite, Veldspar
  • Gallente - Omber, Plagioclase, Scordite, Veldspar
  • Minmatar - Omber, Plagioclase, Scordite, Veldspar

Note: Compressed Ore are usually worth more than selling it in the raw form. To compress the ore, find an available Structure with the Reprocessing Plant.

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If you are solo mining go with a Procurer. If you are going to be fleet mining and you will the boosting ship go with the Porpoise to start.

Skills for solo Procurer mining, power grid 5, tactical shield manipulation 5, shield operation 5, hull upgrade 5, mechanics at least one, mining 5, drones 5, drone sharpshooting5, drone interfacing 5, light drone operation 5, mining upgrade 4 or 5 and mining barge 5. Those skills will get you well on the way to being a good miner.


what about best way of making money out with mining? for what i should go if i want these? best isk/hour by mining? i play while i am doing other things so a ship with a lot space inside for ore+ a lot of miners to fit, would be best for me i think.

I think you’re asking a couple of questions there, and there is no single right answer. There are lots of things to consider.

Inherently, making ISK out of mining (or PI, or any kind of industry) involves adding value. The more value you add, the more ISK you will make. But the more value you want to add, the more you will have to invest in time, effort, skills, equipment, and other things. Here’s what I mean.

  1. Mine ore. Sell the ore. Easy, low effort, low ISK.
  2. Mine ore. Refine the ore. Sell the minerals. A bit more ISK, not much more effort, but a lot more skills to train for better refining yield and more to haul around.
  3. Mine ore. Refine the ore. Build things out of the minerals. Potentially a lot more ISK, but a lot more effort, more skills, you need blueprints, and even more to haul.

Personally, I mine with a Orca and a Hulk/Skiff and mostly build things for personal use while selling spare items. But T2 manufacturing is very involved and can get complex and you need lots of skills and a large variety of components and commodities. In my case, I “make” money by building things instead of buying them and selling some of it for additional income.

@ISD_Sakimura provided some good insight and opinions, and I agree with those. There is no single answer that is right for everybody. Dip your toe in the water and see what works for you- who knows, you might really like getting deeper into industry :slight_smile:

Don’t afk mine, that is good way to get ganked or killed. If you have little time to mine, go with a quicker mining fit and mine while you can be in front of the computer. Compress any ore you are going to sell or start mining ice and compress it too.

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It’s a personal choice really as to what is right and not so right. For me, I say use a Retriever. They are cheap and easy to fit. Don’t bother with tanking it. If you are going to get ganked, no amount of shields will save you. Stay out of CODE space and never mine afk, and always keep an eye on Local chat.

Tip… Look up CODE and give the entire corp a bad standing. That way if any CODE players turn up in your system, they will be flashing red in Local chat. See more than two of them… dock up.

As for what to mine? Plagioclase or kernite. Both fetch a good return and can be found in 0.6 systems.

Never take your Retriever into low sec space, you will lose it.
Only deploy drones if rats attack you otherwise keep them in the bay.
0.6 rats will not harm your un-tanked Retriever so long as it’s not sitting there afk.
If you lose the Retriever, it’s not too expensive to replace.
You only need T1 Hobs.

Mining in Eve is all about making ISK. No point in spending millions on implants, expensive drones and ship fits when it would take you months and months to regain the ISK spent.

I run a Mackinaw purely fitted for mining. No tank at all, just fitted for max mining amount and speed. It has two fits, one for ore and one for ice. I only use T1 crystals as T2 crystals are just way over priced for such a small bonus they give you.

So yeah… A Rorqual might mine faster and mine more, but it will cost you billions to get one and could be years of game time before it begins to pay for itself, that assumes it does not get killed. So mine cheap but mine right. Your little Venture could make you a lot of ISK even.

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