Used to be 'guides' for new playesr?

I’m returning from like 4-5 years away from game…whatever happened to the ‘mining guides’ and things like that that were always pin’d for everyone to read info on? Do they exist any more? A lot ha changed since I used to mine and I was hoping for a quick refeerence guide to the new stuff?

Eve University still has guides for most activities in Eve and they are reasonably up to date.

You can find a few guides here Resources for the New Citizen although I don’t remember there being any on the topic of Mining.

What sort of stuff would you like to know? Mining is somewhat straight forward.
Pick a ship appropriate to you needs and ability: Venture, Mining Barge, Exhumer, Industrial Command ship (Porpoise/Orca), or Capital Industrial Command Ship (Rorqual), go find a belt or anomaly to mine in and once your Ore Hold is full you unload in Station/Structure and rince and repeat.

I am pretty sure there was a mining guide here a couple of months back, let me try to find it.

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