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Hi, im looking to leave a corp i am in its one of the big ones on eve as to be frank it sucks balls, im looking to return to high sec to live for awhile to try and get the love for the game back my question is would this help rekindle my passion for eve or is this a step back? I never stayed in high sec long before joining a big Corp, reasons for leaving is the tax along with rules on mining and everything else and the blatant not wanting to really help members who dont have billions and billions of isk and are classed as under par to the clicky gang of players. Yes they give free ships and skill books out but these are worthless ships compared to the tax said alliance gains from players. So to sum it up im sick of this big corp/alliance and want to try solo in high sec.

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Do what you want to do. Obvously you aren’t enjoying where you are, so trying something different is probably a good idea. As to whether highsec is the answer, only you can decide.

Living in highsec means, living independent and solo. You have to build up your own home, and business. It can be very rewarding, but don’t expect random people to be helpful in highsec. Everybody is afraid of scams and ganks, and EvE knowledge is poor among the general population.

I’m living in Perimeter for a few years now (since citadels), make tons of ISK with the market/manufacturing, and PvP in public fleets and solo roaming (wormhole chains).


Do what you want to do its a game no one is keeping you chained to a group.I just recently left a very good group of players I’ve played with for years and had tons of fun but my real life is getting in the way so I moved to hs playing with market and doing abyssals mostly now

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Thanks for the input, yeah i know its a game and my game to which should be played how i want etc, was just putting the feelers out to see if it is ok for isk making in high sec as the obvious is i make a load in null/low sec but am fed up with big corps. Guess i can drop my tag and wonder to null and low and pvp when i want and not be forced into it if i leave and still reap the rewards of high sec. Cheers for making my mind up. And Merry Xmas all :slight_smile:


OP, wouldn’t you get more info on this by posting it in General Discussion?


Living in HS is definetly viable and its a lot better from a lot of aspects than being stuck in a null blob ( I left my null blob in 2014 after a few years).

I do recommend you make a couple characters though, at least 1 alpha, independant account. I have 3 HS characters I play on regular basis.

1st is a PvE char, runs Abyss, mission arcs ( does epic arc rotation) and occasional burners. This character is combat focused with all level 5 skills for any PvE ship he might need.
2nd is my trader, almost never undocks from Jita 4-4 except some hauling on rare occasions. This one has a very good amount of skills in social, trading and transport ships. Used to have freighters and mining on him, but I sucked them out and injected into my combat toon.
3rd is a general combat (up to T3C cruisers, specifically Loki and Tengu) with heavy scanning, hacking and can fly cov ops too. I use him for WH diving.

I have more but do not actively play them thus they’re in alpha mode. if you decide to do some FW you may want a seperate character for that as it may become difficult to do all marketing, trading etc.

I would also stay away from mining, though I realize everyone has their likes and dislikes, to me its super boring and unless you are a part of an orca boosted fleet you will make little or no ISK on it in HS. Just do bare minimum for events so you can make some boosters for yourself and to sell on market. Leave enough skills for a Procurer and maybe some minor gas mining, not sure if CCP will continue with the gas thing or not, but they will with the ores I think.

When skilling up for PvE, combat, don’t make the mistake of jumping too hastily into a Battleship, realize that you can do in a cruiser ( Gila or T3C ) most of the stuff that a battleship does, only exceptions to this will be stuff like soloing epic arcs in a single fit single ship, but by the time you get to the point when you can actually do the L4 arcs you will know what to do and how to proceed much better and you’ll have the ISK necessary to run advanced fits, so don’t worry about that now. Also cruisers are much more flexible, as you can take ultra cheap ones and welp them all day long in PvP as you have already noticed, while the better hauls and fits you can use in PvE.

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I’ve done pretty much the same thing. It can be good, but it can also get boring. I spent a bunch of time building up some things, and well I got bored of them and have been sitting on a pile of stuff for a while. Figuring things out was interesting but eventually it felt like I was making stuff for the sake of making stuff.

I definitely think HS is a good place to be, but not sure most players will want to stay there for too long.

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I probably would but its posted here now so it is what it is, but thanks for dropping by and giving me that info. :roll_eyes:

I think the space type itself where you live is not important, each offers opportunities and challenges. Your chosen home has to fit to your play style. So IMO the questions to ask yourself are … what do I like doing, what type of people do I like playing with, and what commitment level I’m willing to invest?


Different corps/alliances have different tax schemes and helpfulness. If you like null just look for a different corp/alliance that is more in line with what you are looking for. Also, there are smaller corps in null that you could look at as well depending on what you want to do.

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