Returning Player

Hi all,

I’m a returning player to Eve looking for some assistance.
It’s been a good 6-8 years I played and was never really that good at the game.
I’ve got all my items in Jita now, with a range of ships, so no issues there.


- What’s the best way to find an active corp?
I’ve tried in-game recruitment and the forums but not a lot of response. I’m specifically looking for an Australian timezone corp. HS, LS, NS - doesn’t really matter, maybe a combination with a decent amount of members.

- Where do I look to find decent PvE & PvP ship fits?
I found Eve Workbench but it’s a bit dry. The in-game community fits don’t seem to exist for the ships I’m looking at. Google is pretty bare on public fits as well.

- What’s the status of Eve? Is it dying? Active? Many new players?
I can see the big war going on but outside of that I’m not seeing much happening. Is the game in a healthy state to get back into? Are people all playing Eve Echoes?

Thank you.

zkillboard, generally.

It’s doing fine.

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