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Hi all well just a little about myself and what am looking for. Well just started playing this eve few days again and am really enjoying it, tho still leaning as I go but think I’ve caught on pretty fast to some the stuff. Am from Ireland and am looking a group of people who’s on the same time frame to learn from and play the game with and then build from there I guess. I’ll stop rambling on and if any question please feel free to ask and also any crops please feel free to let me know yous recruiting.


Welcome to Eve.

A couple of new player friendly corporations that should be on your short list:

Don’t worry about making a mistake - many people try several corps before finding the right fit - the important thing is to try. Eve is a social game.

Good luck


welcome to EVE

the sugestions above are a good start

just stay away of corps you would need to pay for joining :wink:

enjoy EVE … try stuff … make mistakes … lose ships … learn from stuff what went wrong

have a look in this section of the forum:


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Hi, im not new here.

@Do_Little I hit onto the brave site but it was asking me if it was ok to give them permission to my account. Is this right to do?

Most corporations will require a resume before accepting you as a member - in Eve your resume is the API (more recently the ESI) which gives them some confidence you are who you say you are and not a spy. You should be able to discuss the opportunity with a recruiter first if you’re uncomfortable but both the corporations I linked above have been around a long time and have excellent reputations - they are most unlikely to abuse the information.

Edit: note that the API provides character information only - not account information


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