Corp for a new player?

Hello, I’ve played some EVE online in the past, yet never gotten into it extensively. Now I’m planning to dive into it as it just blows my mind how much there really is to do.

I’ve done some looking around and I’ve heard a few people suggest joining a corporation that is new player friendly. Can anyone suggest to me any corporations friendly to new players to help me learn the ropes a bit, PVP, how to make good ship fittings, etc?

Thank you.

I would argue against EVE University.

There are other corporations out there such as Karmafleet in Goonswarm, Pandemic Horde, Brave, and Brave Newbros in TEST, that all have solid new player on-boarding programs.

I know EVE University used to be a good place to direct new players to in the past, but they seem to have really turned into trash since then.

:thinking: Hmm good to know, I’ve deleted my post in reflection of that information, sad things have changed for the worse in regards to e-uni.

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