Newbie question

Hello, i’m a fairly new player (Going on day 5 as of this post) and have been looking around for a good Newbie Corp for a bit. I’ve heard of Brave Newbies, Pandemic Horde, and Karmafleet from others giving me advice on what to look for. I’d like a view on how each are like for newbies before i go and jump into one. Only thing i know about any of them is that they are the big places for newbies to go, and that Pandemic Horde seem to get shot at a lot in Jita by other players. That last one is just based on what i’ve seen however.

I’d toss EVE University into the mix for your consideration as well:

Their page covers what they offer and they are one of the most robust and extensive sources of game information through their wiki.

My suggestion would be to try them or Brave Newbies first, as they both offer very robust and diverse experiences for new players, but certainly getting input and comments from others will be helpful.

Also, remember, you can always change corps if you find that something isn’t a fit for you.

i agree with leah. the is a great place to learn from.

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play as you wish most of these big groups will use you as cannon fodder for their wars

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spot on dread. who you roll with if any?

Look at signal cartel. Good for exploring

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