Looking for a good noob-friendly corp

I started playing eve for real recently and have been trying my best to really kick off but have so far failed, I’ve decided to try a different approach and join a medum-large Corp to get started in.
If anyone has any suggestions for a good Corp please tell me

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I’ve always heard that Eve University is a great newb-friendly player corp.

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There are a number that could be recommended but if you have completed the Career Agents, you may have an idea by now what you like to do in game.

If you can tell us what interests you currently, we might be able to point you in the right direction.



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Combat as in Player v Player (PvP)? Or combat as in attacking NPCs in missions? I only ask because your answer to the other thread a bout cruisers indicated you are interested in Abyss PvE (Player v Environment).

I can advise you on PvP corporations for the new player. There are several large new player alliances based in null-sec which will help and develop you as a PvPer. Primarily this will be as part of fleet warfare, but each will have groups and opportunities for small scale gang fights.

Pandemic Horde is the easiest to join (no API requirements at first) and probably has the most active PvP region for content in Geminate.

Karmafleet is the equivalent for the largest coalition in the game and is very well set up with lots of advice and opportunities to make good isk. It’s a lot safer though as the Imperium tends to drop titans on any interlopers which reduces the opportunities for small fights from roams. (At present, I believe that recruitment is stopped for Karmafleet because of the changes to APIs and they require some security clearances unlike Horde).

Legacy Coalition has Dreddit (which has some unusual requirements to join) and Brave, which are full-on gung-ho types who rarely back down from a fight, so you might enjoy that, and they also are vey helpful.

There are also some smaller, medium sized groups that have Academy-style corps for newer player. I recall Mercenary Coalition used to have Mercenary Training Academy, for example. You can find details in the Recruitment section of these forums.

Finally, if you prefer low-sec and faction warfare which tends towards smaller fleets and doctrines (lots of T1 frigate action can be found) then the most active war zone is Gallente/Caldari and there are several new player friendly alliance on both sides: Aideron Robotics is notable on the Gallente side, and Templis Academy for the Caldari.

Eve University operates in all security zones and is much the most structured learning corporation, but tends to be less involved in the big null-sec wars (generally neutral) as an aggressor/combatant entity.

All of the above provide free skill books and most provide free ships (Karmafleet has an exceptional Ship Replacement Programme, you may never need to buy a ship again for combat). The major drawback of the big alliances is that you can feel a bit insignificant but that’s actually up to you. The various interest groups operate as smaller units where you get known - or you can just watch and learn and stay quiet if you prefer.

Research them all and you can easily try each out - no-one gets too upset about a new player with several of the newbie corps on their history.

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