New and want to PVP

I am trying Eve out and looking to PVP. Since I am new no one wants me in their corp. Is there any newbie friendly PVP groups?

EVE University to learn about all sorts of things EVE and PVP in particular in really fun and varied environment without being forced into the grind machinery of Null Sec.

And if you want to PVP as a new guy, watch these:

And many others.


Okay… so a few things:

  • Understand that, as a general rule, corporations in EVE are paranoid of spies, moles, potential turncoats, and general asshattery.
    Simply asking to be a part of a corporation (unless it is an explicitly newbie friendly one) will not get you very far.

  • Actions speak louder than words: Sure, you say have the intent to PvP… but do you have the balls to risk the permanent destruction of your ship and the cheekiness to accept said loss?

  • What kind / style of PvP do you want to be a part of? Solo? Small Gang? Fleet warfare? Guerilla / Black-ops?
    Each type of PvP will attract different types of people and said people will migrate to different areas of the map (where their favored style of warfare is more common).


That said… what are your options?

  • You can go out and find a newbie friendly group like EVE University and a few others that I can’t remember off the top of my head.
    Understand that larger groups have a lot of informational wealth that can be tapped, but will also be a bit more impersonal and may levy a lot more “restrictions” on you in terms of what you can do.

  • You can venture out into dangerous places in a ship that you have deemed fit to die… armed only with your obliviousness, the murderous intent of an angry puppy, and the goal of taking SOMEONE down with you.
    Pick a fight. Any fight. Learn from your mistakes. Strike up a convo with your killer(s) and ask how you could have done better.
    I personally suggest you go to low-sec in a speedy frigate. Especially Faction Warfare systems.

  • You can go through the ads and forum posts for 0.0 alliances and ask about their recruitment policies. SOMEONE will eventually take you in.
    Be warned though; some recruiters take advantage of their power and run scams on potential recruits. They may ask for a “deposit” or say “I can move your stuff for you.”
    Do not give anything that is yours and act accordingly. If you think they are messing with you, be cheeky. If they are dead serious, express your concerns and goodbyes (don’t burn bridges… you may encounter them again someday).

You will notice that pretty much all of the points above involve some degree of “networking” and/or “socializing.”
No matter how bad / good you are, people will not recognize you if they don’t see you as a person.
More than that… it is common for more exclusive groups (which are arguably some of the best groups to get into) to recruit based on attitude and personality rather than how good / bad a person is.


You’re more than welcome to come learn with me. I haven’t failed a cadet yet.

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Further to @ShahFluffers good advice, the new player alliances based in null-sec are very good places to learn PvP - particularly in fleet based warfare - and learn what you would like to specialise in.

Pandemic Horde for example, will take you as a one day old alpha, though the recommendation would always be to finish the career agents and Sister of Eve arc first. You will be given free ships, skill books, skill plans and Geminate (where the Horde lives) is extremely active with all sorts of invaders. They have just begun deploying own a two front war, so there is endless opportunity to fight. Moreover, you don’t even need a check - just put in an application and you’ll be accepted (unless blacklisted) within hours.

Karmafleet is the same for the Imperium - though my understanding is that because they do complete a basic check, applications are not open at the moment because they can’t sort out the new ESI system. There is great opportunity to make good isk in the very safe region of Delve (their home) but they do deploy elsewhere often and have very good Special Interest Groups. They also have probably the best Ship Replacement Programme.

There is also Brave, Dreddit and several other new player starter corps for the big alliances. all but Horde require a basic check, which shouldn’t be a problem. Eve University has been mentioned above.

If you might prefer faction warfare/low sec (tends towards smaller scale fights) then the Gallente/Caldari zone is most active and has good new player corporations. Aideron Robotics for the Federation can be recommended, and the training corp for Templis CALSF on the State side. In the Amarr/Minmatar zone, I don’t know of any new player Amarr corp (the biggest there seem to require 20m SP) and Ushra’Khan on the Minmatar side used to take new players, I’m not sure now.

That’s a basic list of the bigger alliances that can get you started, and then decide if you want something different or which sort of PvP you enjoy the most.

take some cheap shite and go out picking fights, eventually you will either
1 ) make friends from having a plucky go getter attitude
2 ) develop a deep and seething hatred for a particular group and become compelled to join with their largest enemy.

that aside take shah’s advice mate, hes been around long enough to know what works


Brave Newbies, anyone? :wink: Go to faction warefare region you like. There are different groups flying and killing each other, you need the group, that do it in the same time, when you are online. Start talking. It is not a wormhole, it is a civilised space, you may find your newbie friendly corp sooner or later. Faction warefare has two greate benefits - its dungeons (called ‘plex’) provide some sort of match maker and you will not have to wait hours for roam fleet to form and then even more time to find fleet to fight against. Get into the plex and you will die in a few munites after that. If system is not totaly dead, you will hardely wait more than 3-5 minutes.
You will die a lot. So use some cheap ship with larger passive tank. You at least will see what is going on before pop :wink: When I was starting I was ok with losing ships but hated the fact I did not even scratched my opponent. 400mm plated scram kiting Tristan with 75mm rails and energy neutraliser can serve you well, IMHO.
When people will see you around and even picking fights, they really can let you join some good corp and teach you. Cause they like active people. Your activity is you only trump here but needs to be proven first.
Think about getting yourself few frigate blueprints for yourself, so you can produce yourself ships you will lose. If is not hard to get ammunition or modules, but to transfer ships can be PITA. Just buy minerals (they are sold almost everywhere) and make your own ships.

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