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Hey all, I’m a newbie for EVE and its PVP.

How do I find people to fight in lowsec and in nullsec?
For lowsec I find sitting in outposts doesn’t get me fights and it takes 10+ jumps and scanning each system and its outposts just to find a fight, which is 20-30 minutes average I would say.
Usually I end up afk jumping and afking in outposts where in both cases I just browse on my 2nd monitor to the point where I’m not even paying attention to the game. It’s like I’m not even playing an actual game.
It’s boring & repetitive to the point that I already lost all my attention for the fight or I just don’t notice the person and where I will intentionally take fights that I will obviously lose because I am tired of waiting to actually get PVP gameplay.

What is possible for T1 frigs to fight?
Is kiting the only way to win a fight with a t1 frig against higher tech/faction ships?

I’ve been flying nothing but T1 frigs and most of the time I don’t even know why I lose a fight.

You should utilize the map and zkillboard. The ingame map will give you statistics on how many players are in space on average, number of jumps, etc. Use it and burn to locations with high activity.

It’s not the only way, just a safer way.

We would need to see what you did to know how you lost a fight. Or you would need to explain in detail. Either way, good luck and fly dangerously!

Faction warfare. You can sit in novice plex in t1 frigate and decide, if you pick the fight or let it go. Use this map to see where it is hot (just ignore Tama system) and fly there.

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Are you able to to enter plexes as a kiting ship?

Welcome to EvE!

Yes, but if it is not empty, it is probably a bad idea… Your opponent can sit on a warp-in point and scram you before your overheated MWD get enough speed.

I’m also an EVE newbie wanting to get into PVP.
Would participating in faction warfare further decrease my standings with the NPC factions? And if so, what does that mean? Anyone who is of the other faction can kill me?


But, depending on what you do, the standings loss can range from “manageable” to “oops.”

If you strictly shoot at player ships, run the complexes / missions, and only destroy the “enemy” NPCs you need to… you can mitigate the standings losses with the “enemy factions.” You can then recover the standings by running missions for the opposing faction.

If you shoot at player pods that are in the NPC militia corporation, destroy any “enemy” NPC you come across, and run countless high-level missions for your own faction then your standings with the “enemy” militia will tank.

The magic number you are looking for when it comes to NPC standings is -5.0
At that point, the respective Faction Police will chase and attempt to destroy you in their High-sec space.
(they can be outrun and avoided in smaller ships though)

Players cannot engage you for poor standings with an NPC faction.
That mechanic (players being able to shoot you for doing “bad things”) rests solely with Security Status… which will also become an issue in Faction Warfare.

edit: For the above reasons, most players who become serious about Faction Warfare will have two characters on their account;

  • The main combat character that is in militia and doesn’t care about standings.
  • The second character that is there for “supplying” and “vacation time.”

Generally speaking, the second character should be able to haul (train to use Blockade Runners and Covert-Ops Cloaks, they are SUPER useful) and whatever mixture of industry, combat, etc that is desired when not shooting other players.

Since one can only train skills on one character at a time (unless they use a Multi-Training certificate) it takes about 2 to 3 months to train the secondary character to a decent place.

Once there though, all training can be focused on the main combat character (as the idea is that you don’t need too many skills on the secondary character… just enough to be a useful “supplier” and do other activities).

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Thank you so much for the reply, you’ve cleared it up perfectly for me.
I think I’m going to go down the dual characters path. I want to learn PVP and I keep hearing of faction warfare being potentially a good place to start.

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there is one last thing - you dont have to participate in fleet warfare to get pvp in fw systems. You can just go to those systems and shoot whomever you want. You will take a security standings hit, but that wont be a faction standings hit. Security standings are alot easier imo to recover then faction standings - since you can always just buy tags to fix it.



I will direct you to this thread then:

Loads of info in there that I am too lazy to copy-paste. :wink:


Also this:


And this:

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